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  1. Éd_D's post in WiFi Pineapple TETRA cannot connect to Cloud C2 server was marked as the answer   
    I already read the guide: https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360049664554-Cloud-C2-setup-with-self-signed-SSL-certificates
    But, I don't use a self signed SSL certificate!
    I am using a standard wilcard one delivered by my an Internet Provider for "myDomain" and all first level subdomains "*.myDomain.tld".
    (My certificate is signed by a certification authority…)
    To have this certificate, the procedure is :
    I un the "openssl" command line, like a self signed SSL certificate guide… using "-out cert.csr" instead  "-out cert.cst" and *.myDomain.tld" as FQDN. I send "cert.csr" file to the SSL certification department of an Internet provider of mine (and pay the bill! 🙂). On the one hand, the SSL certification department give me a fingerprint to add in a CNAME record of the myDomain.tld DNS server. On the other and, the SSL certification department send me the signed certificate ("cert.crt") and another file: an intermediate certificate called "ProviderStandardSSLCA2.pem". Writing these lines, I remember that, in the self signed SSL certificates guide, you run the "cat certs/cert.crt >> cert.pem" command line… 💡
    … and remember that :
    On the VPS, the certificate (.crt) and intermediate certificate (.pem) don't share the same radical name!
      root@vps:~# cd /path/to/certs root@vps:/path/to/certs# ln -s ProviderStandardSSLCA2.pem myFile.pem root@vps:/path/to/certs# systemctl restart cloudc2.service root@vps:/path/to/certs#  
    On the Pineapple device, I forget the cert.pem file! So, I do the following sequence:
    Copy (scp) the ProviderStandardSSLA2.pem to my PineApple device, in "/etc/ssl/".
    Connect (ssh) to the device :
    root@PineappleTetra:~# cd /etc/ssl root@PineappleTetra:/etc/ssl# cat ProviderStandardSSA2.pem >> cert.pem root@PineappleTetra:/etc/ssl# rm ProviderStandardSSA2.pem root@PineappleTetra:/etc/ssl#  
    Generate and download a new "device.config" from Cloud C² server.
    Upload (scp) the "device.config" to my PineApple device, in "/etc/" and reboot it.
    Thanks very much for you, Foxtrot and chizree  The exchanges with you are a great help. 👍👍👍
    Problem solved.
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