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  1. Having the same issue. I see we should maybe update the modules manager but I do not see where to do that or how...
  2. Hrmm interesting thought about the Dell prefering a particular distro for sure. Other than one has a little bigger processor, little more RAM, a larger HD, and a little better video card there isn't much difference. Just pointing out the mechanical differences that are present would not affect this in any way. I am truly puzzled. I mean at least it is working on the main laptop I need it to, but I use this one to make video tutorials (the Dell), for obvious reasons, so I kinda wanted/needed it working here also. and...i do the tutorials exclusively on Parrot Security soooo. Interesting thing, shutdown everything earlier, visited my daughter for a bit, came back home and hooked it all up to start trying again and the pineapple went into first time connection setup all over again...still get the "Error connecting to WiFiPineapple.com. Please check your connection." error message. (sigh) I should mention I did delete my copy of the wp6.sh script and grabbed it again before doing all this just to be sure. Oh yeah, and eth0 is indeed the internet connection and eth1 is the pineapple.
  3. and now the connection script gives me this... y: Unknown host ifconfig: `--help' gives usage information. Detecting WiFi Pineapple...ping: y: Name or service not known ....found. _ . ___ \||/ ( _ )_ <--> [___] <--> ,<><>, (_ _(_ ,) \___\ '<><>' y: Unknown host ifconfig: `--help' gives usage information. iptables v1.8.2 (nf_tables): CHAIN_USER_DEL failed (Device or resource busy): chain DOCKER iptables v1.8.2 (nf_tables): host/network `y' not found Try `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more information. Browse to http://y:1471 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Did I get a faulty pineapple nano here?
  4. @Just_a_User - I have compared the two and everything is the same. I have tried all three ways using wp6.sh and it connects fine but pineapple is not getting internet (banners do not load) I have tried all sorts of things, using my eth0 connection, about to try wifi to see if it makes any difference, even though it should not. I am doing everything I do on the other laptop which works perfectly, thus my utter confusion and complete frustration. Wondering if there is something additional, other than the normal setup, that I can do to fix this situation? Also, yeah I don't think it is a pineapple issue per-se, but it should be a helluva lot easier to setup and get running than this. It is basically a mini router, and I don't have any issues connecting routers of any kind soooo.... I get no errors when I run the wp6 script, although just now when I ran setup it showed two additional entries for the eth0 and eth1 for some reason. If any screenshots would help just let me know. I really want to figure this out not just stumble upon a fix. LOL
  5. @Just_a_User - sorry if my reply sounded arrogant, didn't mean it that way. I did watch it but saw nothing useful. However, I will check it again. I was basically denying everyone with my filters, so fixed that issue right up. Now I am fighting the "Error connecting to WiFiPineapple.com. Please check your connection." error that only happens on my Dell, with the exact same setup and OS as this laptop. I started a new forum question for that if you would like to try and help point me in the right direction on that issue please by all means... 😃
  6. @Just_A_User - no thanks the video was pretty useless but I do appreciate the help. It just walks one through all the steps I do anyway, didn't teach me anything new. @Foxtrot - Soon as you said filters I checked and yes that fixed the issue within 5 minutes of you posting. I wanted to tell you then but the board would not let me post again...something about already 5 posts for the day or something.
  7. Ok, well the Answer "You need to fix your internet connection" doesn't help at all. Obviously if we get the error "Error connecting to WiFiPineapple.com. Please check your connection." there is an internet connection issue. Using LINUX - Parrot Security OS I am using the wp6.sh script and doing everything as I am supposed to. Now this works perfectly on my Lenova laptop with the exact same install and everything. However, on my Dell I keep getting this same error. Can someone give me a solid answer on how to fix this issue please? I do not need a piece of equipment I spent over $100 on to not work when I am on the job... I would look like an idiot to any client if this pineapple does this on the job...
  8. When I click on filters, there is nothing setup. In the original setup I checked allow for clients, deny for SSIDs. Is there anything else I can provide to help figure out my issue? Or a screenshot of something? Please just let me know, I really appreciate the assistance.
  9. I have my nano up and running, I get internet on the host computer, I see the APs in wifi from my cell phone, I can get the news and all from PineAP on the dashboard. However, when I try to connect with my cell phone via wifi to the nano it will not allow me to connect....which is exactly the opposite of what I need a pineapple to do. Any idea why my pineapple is refusing connections?
  10. What exactly is the PineAP Enterprise section? What's it do and what's it for? I see enable and enable pass through...no place for password setup...not sure of it's purpose.
  11. Thank you, that cleared up a lot actually. I really appreciate it. Now on to the next issue... LOL
  12. Followed instructions, everything was working just fine. I begin installing modules and it suddenly stops connecting. I cannot get to the web interface at all! I looked all through everything, the help and instructions seem to be a mix of various pineapples and do NOT help much at all. Factory Reset tells me: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Next, follow these steps to access the recovery web interface and update the firmware. Unplug the WiFi Pineapple completely from all power sources. Begin holding the RESET button on the device. With the RESET button held, power on the device. Continue holding the RESET button for 10 seconds, then release. NANO: The blue LED will remain solid TETRA: The yellow LED will remain solid Connect the host PC to the WiFi Pineapple via the USB Ethernet Port NANO: The male USB A plug TETRA: The Micro USB port labeled ETH ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a nano, what do you mean power on the device? Plug it back in? USB powered only!!! Connect to host pc via USB ethernet port? HUH? The Y cable? No instructions ANYWHERE tell me what the USB connector on the other end is for.. I paid over $100 for this...not very happy so far and just got it yesterday.
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