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  1. totalhustler - Will let you know results, testing it later today or tomorrow. Thx!
  2. Ahh yes, you mean as in this article here? https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010471494-WiFi-Client-Mode
  3. Holy crap thanks for that! Going to try this fix for a VERY similar issue I am having to see if it works.
  4. NOTICE: I do believe I found a portion of all the connect problems. At least this worked for me to finally be able to use both my laptops... After running setup on the wp6 script, I then ran the connect using saved settings. This got rid of my connection error. I then discovered my SD card was bad, first time I had one go bad on me but it does happen. I am now able to connect just fine, everything seems to be working great. I was able to update the firmware and all. Right now I just need to understand what is meant by correct formatting for the SD card. Have a new SD card and the wifi pineapple instructions tell me to be sure to correctly format the SD card. I never had to format an SD card before, just pop it in and use it. What is meant by correct format of the SD card? What else do I need to do with it to use it and it work properly with my Nano? 😀
  5. I would like to know this also, for examplle what does it mean by correct formatting of the SD card. I have never had a need to format an SD card myself...
  6. In fact: I will be making a data collection website for the WP in the next few days and I will leave the URL here after I do. I want to do this because I spent hard earned money on this thing to use as a tool, but I can't use a tool that is undependable when a contract with a client relies on what I provide. Just not cool at all.. I will need to ask a lot of questions and need the help of the community so we can all track down what is causing this issue for good. For example: Has ANYONE here ever had any issue like this when connecting to a phone? I haven't, no problems at all with mine, my wifes, or my daughters Android. This, to me, is only enforcing the fact it very well could be a software, driver,or running process conflict of some kind.
  7. Ok folks here is the big news! I can honestly say it is NOT a hardware conflict at all. It IS, however, a software conflict. I have been able to repeat the process, but still working on figuring out what exactly is conflicting with the WP. I was working with my WP on the laptop that it has always worked fine on yesterday, paused, installed 3 new apps, allowed upgrades of a few already installed packages when asked, then went back to WP and POOF! No longer working and giving me the exact same message as the Dell laptop has been giving me all along. So I feel it is safe to assume there is a driver, software, or process of some kind which is conflicting with the WP. ALSO, if this is the case, it is no LONGER the responsibility of the end-user to fix this issue, it is the responsibility of the maker of the WP to either include error code to catch the conflicts and warn the end-user or at the very least do some research to find and list on their website what DOES conflict with the WP! My research continues...going to next install a VM on the Lenova (the laptop that had always worked until yesterday) fresh, with nothing added and test the WP with it. Trying some trial and error tests here and using process of elimination too. Will be back when I discover more. (my whole point is I can buy equipment that does the same thing as all their goodies from China for 1/10th the price and still have no directions or support what-so-ever. The whole idea of purchasing from Hak5 was that I am supposed to get good quality and from a company that supports and backs up their equipment!!!) I would much prefer Hak5 step up here...
  8. @Just_a_User no, I understood what you meant, allow me to elaborate on what "I" meant. LOL I mean perhaps I need to install specific drivers for the pineapple hardware that my other machine has, perhaps even installed by some other package. Although I have thought of the hardware issue of my laptops also. I do agree, of course if it has to do with my laptop hardware then it certainly is my issue and not theirs. However, if it is a driver issue for the pineapple then the responsibility lies with them. Either way I'm cool because I have it working on my main hack box that goes everywhere with me. However, for those who have one computer and one computer only they intended to use it with and this crap happens...I truly feel for them. Plus, I should be able to use this, theoretically, with any of my LINUX systems here. So bottom line is I honestly am not trying to place any blame, I just want it figured out. I will be doing a hardware comparison between the two laptops soon and will offer results here if I figure anything out. Works great on my Nokia Android, works great with my Lenova...stalls on my Dell. I noticed the wp6.sh script has changed since I got this pineapple too. I preferred the older script of wp6.sh, i like the fact it showed if it connected at the end and offered the link. I may add that part back myself to my script. hahahaha Anyway, thanks very much for the input and interest, I am very stubborn and am determined to figure this issue out for me and everyone else with this issue if I possibly can. 😃
  9. @Just_a_User - I too have wondered if it is a driver that needs installing, but if it is the Hak5 team should have this figured out and these drivers available for download. About to rip into the wp6 bash script file and see what is what. May end up writing my own script for Parrot, but the lenova works fine with the same Parrot Security OS. I will offer my results if I find anything good for everyone.
  10. @Spectre32787 - Oh ok, then yes that is correct. I have the exact same OS, setup, same tools, etc on two laptops...a Dell and a Lenova. The lenova it worked right out of the box, the Dell it just refuses to connect to the pineapple. I sit here staring at a stalled browser page, never connects. So far I haven't really received any support. Love the Hak5 tools and videos but their support is lacking sadly for their equipment. I have even wondered if there are perhaps some drivers I need to install that are missing... Can someone, anyone from Hak5 help us with this issue? We have all spent good hard earned money to buy these things and we just want some help to get it working.
  11. Spectre32787 - You need to use is the wifi pineapples address.
  12. Having the same issue. I see we should maybe update the modules manager but I do not see where to do that or how...
  13. Hrmm interesting thought about the Dell prefering a particular distro for sure. Other than one has a little bigger processor, little more RAM, a larger HD, and a little better video card there isn't much difference. Just pointing out the mechanical differences that are present would not affect this in any way. I am truly puzzled. I mean at least it is working on the main laptop I need it to, but I use this one to make video tutorials (the Dell), for obvious reasons, so I kinda wanted/needed it working here also. and...i do the tutorials exclusively on Parrot Security soooo. Interesting thing, shutdown everything earlier, visited my daughter for a bit, came back home and hooked it all up to start trying again and the pineapple went into first time connection setup all over again...still get the "Error connecting to WiFiPineapple.com. Please check your connection." error message. (sigh) I should mention I did delete my copy of the wp6.sh script and grabbed it again before doing all this just to be sure. Oh yeah, and eth0 is indeed the internet connection and eth1 is the pineapple.
  14. and now the connection script gives me this... y: Unknown host ifconfig: `--help' gives usage information. Detecting WiFi Pineapple...ping: y: Name or service not known ....found. _ . ___ \||/ ( _ )_ <--> [___] <--> ,<><>, (_ _(_ ,) \___\ '<><>' y: Unknown host ifconfig: `--help' gives usage information. iptables v1.8.2 (nf_tables): CHAIN_USER_DEL failed (Device or resource busy): chain DOCKER iptables v1.8.2 (nf_tables): host/network `y' not found Try `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more information. Browse to http://y:1471 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Did I get a faulty pineapple nano here?
  15. @Just_a_User - I have compared the two and everything is the same. I have tried all three ways using wp6.sh and it connects fine but pineapple is not getting internet (banners do not load) I have tried all sorts of things, using my eth0 connection, about to try wifi to see if it makes any difference, even though it should not. I am doing everything I do on the other laptop which works perfectly, thus my utter confusion and complete frustration. Wondering if there is something additional, other than the normal setup, that I can do to fix this situation? Also, yeah I don't think it is a pineapple issue per-se, but it should be a helluva lot easier to setup and get running than this. It is basically a mini router, and I don't have any issues connecting routers of any kind soooo.... I get no errors when I run the wp6 script, although just now when I ran setup it showed two additional entries for the eth0 and eth1 for some reason. If any screenshots would help just let me know. I really want to figure this out not just stumble upon a fix. LOL
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