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  1. I see your point, the question is then, what is the difference between recovery mode and normal operations mode?
  2. Excuse me that I am not very clear on that point. the recovery firmware installation is wired at 192.168. The connection on that address can be established. after the reboot that follows after the flash, the connection drops and reboot at 172.16.
  3. thx again. I flashed the nano with the special factory version of the software, by pressing the reset button for 10 sec and connect to the 192.168 address. After this procedure, the logging went ok and I made the secure set up and finalized it. To be clear, I do this over the wifi not over the USB connection. That connection is interrupting and restart every few secs.
  4. Thank you 'just_a_user' for your input and energy. this sounds like a power issue or perhaps you interupted the flash during upgrade? also have you put in a microSD card? the nano really should be used with an SD card set up correctly. I an sure I didn't interrupt the power during upgrading. The nano is new for me, but flashing and upgrading not. I tried with and without the SD card, the SD card is as an USB device Likely you are using windows? have you tried another computer? ideally using a linux OS - this could help you figure out if its OS or device
  5. Hi Today, I received my pineapple nano, after a long time waiting. Finally, I connected the nano to my computer and it’s boots up. After a few seconds, the connection over the USB port was initializing but never established. After trying to identify and retrieve a IP address the connection dropped. Over Wi-Fi there are no problems with the connection. So I upgrade the nano with the latest software, over Wi-Fi, hopefully to solve the ethernet over USB problem. Without any result. After logging in, the dashboard shows me a 100% CPU usage. I really don’t know why, the nano is completely de
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