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  1. Well I have done a lot of research and tested many online booking software. The best solution i found that can install into my website is from Chatwing. (yes the same Chatwing chat room software provider. The Chatwing booking solution covered everything i needed including both text message and email new appointment confirmations. You can also choose to send client's text message and email appointment reminders both 24 hours and 1 hour before appointments which is very helpful, the controls are there to choose both options or only 1 of them.
  2. Can anyone recommend an online booking widget that can install into my website so clients can book appointments? I need both me and the clients to receive text message and email alerts.
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    Probes come in two flavors, requests and responses. Let’s begin with the request A probe request is a special frame sent by a client station requesting information from either a specific access point, specified by SSID, or all access points in the area, specified with the broadcast SSID. The difference here being that by sending a probe request your wireless card is making an active scan of either a specific network or all networks in the area, where as simply listening for beacon frames in considered a passive scan.
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