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  1. please can someome helps me on how to perform router traffic injection over WAN using tools like bettercap or metasploit..or(whichever you know) i on a project to inject javascript script that will intercept inbetween the attacker's users and its server
  2. please what is "Rfkill" ? i should unblock all what ?
  3. Unlike other VMs, i dont have access to its graphic user interface, its vps hosting kali linux Debian amd64.iso. im a biginnner in pentesting. i was trying to attack a server outside my LAN that was when i learn that i have to turn on monitor mode.unfortunate i dont have wlan adapter installed this is the result i get when i ran iwconfig: ~# iwconfig eth0 no wireless extensions. lo no wireless extensions. i also ran sudo apt-get install kali-linux wireless Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package wireless please help. how do i install wireless adapter,so i can be able to target is outside my network.. thank you
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