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  1. It's a shame, this module would have convinced me to buy a Pineapple: it could have used me to amplify a secure signal during a demonstration. Is it possible, by chance to downgrade the firmware to make this module accounting and then again install the latest version later ? Otherwise I will have to find motivated people and interesting to update the code of the lol module lol. Thank you b0N3z!
  2. Good evening, sorry for the question a little stupid and go back the project, but the module works it with the Tetra in its current version (2.4.2) ? Thank you
  3. Hi all, it's been weeks that I hesitate to invest in a device as incredible as Pineapple TETRA, but I also wanted to use it out of my desires for exploration in the world of wifi. Hence my question, which may seem a bit silly, but is it possible to configure the device as a bridge or WiFi repeater? I thought I could use it within an association I am part of to extend the existing wifi network, without its members being forced to invest in expensive equipment. I came across this article that seems to explain the way forward, but not wishing to advance too much, I prefer to ask the expert opinion ! :) Thank you for your reply !
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