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  1. Hello I just bought a Tetra a couple of days ago so I am in the initial stages of learning about this fantastic device. I have set it up and downloaded the newest firmware. I am tethering through USB to my android device for internet. Now to my problem: After doing an initial scan in 'Recon" mode and selecting a SSID to add to the pool, I can see the signal being broadcast from other devices. When I try to connect to the SSID from a different non-related device it will not make a connection. I have tried connecting to the 'Open SSID' signal that is always being broadcast and it will not allow me to connect to that signal either. The only signal I can connect to is the 'Management' signal. I have tried messing with all of the settings I could think of and when non of that worked I restored factory default settings and wrote this post. I am going to include the System Log and the Dmesg: System Log:
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