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  1. I bought Surfshark and it pretty much offers everything from streaming to torrenting to privacy. As long as the OP question is concerned, you should ask the support of a VPN provider. If by chance you do make a choice then read Surfshark Review. https://buybestvpn.com/reviews/surfshark/
  2. There is a new entrant in the market which is Surfshark offering some great features. I own one and have no problems with it so far. However, I don't will it work with pineapple but your second suggestion of digital ocean seems workable. I found a very good deal of Surfshark here if you are interested. They have a NordVPN deal too......... https://www.blackfridayvpndeal.com/christmas-vpn-deals/
  3. Black Friday is very close and I have been saving a lot of money for this event. My purpose was to take out some extra cash for VPN too as these days privacy and security are no longer safe. I have been searching for some great discounts and recently came across a well researched blog on Black Friday VPN deals. NordVPN seems to be a very good choice since I have quite good reviews about it and the article too has kept it on 1st position.
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