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  1. Thanks for the info above. Live demos yes are the trickiest things to do in Security but we find now that audiences prefer live as it seems more genuine. Even recently we done a live hack where things did go wrong and our team recovered during it and the audience actually loved it because things did go wrong and they seen it was genuine then rather than a video.
  2. Thanks Bigbiz. Yes everyone to their own. I never used the hak5 gear so was just looking for ideas on it as it might be useful and easy to setup.
  3. PS: I never used any of the hak5 gear so was just wondering about ideas. Otherwise I will just do a Android Metasploit demo anyway.
  4. Thanks Icarus255 ? I should have said my Live Demo Would be on a private network that is setup for test purposes. The devices again connected to this would be test devices and none of the audience will be able to connect to our network. Thanks again
  5. Hi All, new to the forum so was looking for some advice and help. I am looking at purchasing the hak5 Essentials Field kit (really because it looks cool) for a demo at a stand that I have to give on Mobile App Security in my workplace. I know the Field kit isn't exactly linked to anything related to Mobile App Security but I was thinking on just giving a demo on "the dangers connecting to Public Wifis". The audience passing through aren't in any distinct working group within cybersecurity so they sometimes just like to see something simple and related to Cybersecurity that would shock them in their everyday lives. I was just wondering if anyone has any other ideas that I could demo on using the kit, that lets say was exactly related to Mobile App security or Mobile security as I will have various android and iOS devices sitting on the stand. Sorry for all the long reading above. thanks, Paul
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