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  1. Hi is there a payloud to recover the iCloud password are bypass the iCloud from I phone 7 ?
  2. mike1

    robber ducky usb

    Thanks I understand know.
  3. mike1

    robber ducky usb

    The safe can interact whit a laptop,tablet are a service tool for an easy operating.And allow user to read event logs from safe and carry-out emergency opening.The laptop,tablet that is to read the logs and opening.And then there is the service tool for easy operating and that's a small device that you plug in to the safe usb port for fast/emergency openingen.So the safe get commands for emergency openingen are to read logs.So why the robber ducky cant help.
  4. mike1

    robber ducky usb

    Thats mean that the robbery ducky cant/not take the data of the safe trough the usb port?
  5. mike1

    robber ducky usb

    A service tablet or a laptop is conected to the usb port safe and used with an interface cable and a unique service code. The service tool is also utilizing a software for synchronizing programming between the service tool and safe. For instance, uploading programs, change settings or transfer data to the electronic safes.Can the robbery ducky take the data to.
  6. mike1

    robber ducky usb

    Hi,I whant to open my old safe but lost the code.But the safe have a usb for emergence opening.Can the robber ducky take the code when it's conected to the safe usb.
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