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  1. Then I had another problem. After doing some scans, the dashboard would appear as when you are logged out, nothign on the left hand panel, and when check bulletins it said HTTP error. Just unplugged the Pineapple y cable and plugged back in. Then could log in. Seems logged out but the login screen wouldn't show up. Couldn't logout, reboot or shotdown from the top right menu near the x.
  2. Wow really fun. Now the PineAP Daemon won't enable... Any help with that one???????????
  3. Ok I got it connected. I disabled the sharing, disabled my wifi connection then reconnected and reset the sharing. Got network connection back in the pineapple.
  4. Now I can't connect to the internet. I get an DHCP is not enabled for "Pineapple" error message when I try and diagnose it. IP address and subnet mask seem to be correct. Sharing is turned on. I have watched Darren's setup videos for Windows and Linux and tried to configure the IP address on both. It was connecting last night after I upgraded the firmware. Woke up this morning and it wouldn't connect. I can ping the Pineapple. I can ping I can ping my default gateway. I can ping google. My wifi is shared with the pineapple. What is going on????????
  5. Do they still sell Nanos? I don't see them on Hak5??? Try and linux setup video by Darren. I find it easier to troubleshoot networking issues on Linux. I got mine working by setting the ip address on linux using ifconfig, resetting and flashing it. Then it worked on both Windows and Linux. Then I came home and now it is not connecting to the internet...but at least it is giving me the dashboard.
  6. When it worked on LInux I had to do the beginning config again. After that it worked on Windows
  7. Hahaha thanks Jtyle6. I did that. I followed the linux set up video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrHbEZd4t00 and saw no ip address was configured. So I set it and it worked. Then I check the network adapters on windows, enabled it and it worked there too. Working now~~~ Thanks
  8. So I was upgrading the firmware yesterday and during the process it said press the reset button. I accidentally powered it down. Now can't connect. I can see the Pineapple_3076 SSID when I connect it. Also, can't connect to
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