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  1. hello everybody I have bought a wifi pineapple mk5 in 2015 . It was so unfortunate that i got to use it just a few days ago. I am not tech savvy person and I wasn't able to get the infusions working ... Is there a way to use the device to its full potential without you hosting the service - i can provide a shared hosting space and i am sure many of your customers and supporters will be happy to use the device at its fullest. Technology is moving rapidly and upgrades will always be a must - but I believe it would be a great gesture if you can somehow provide for the mk5. Even if it needs some kind of a subscription or smth ... If this breaches your terms in some way - may be let us upload the infusions manually (i will need a tutorial as I certainly am not a mac genius ) Caring for the older generation of units is like caring for your grand parents - dosent bring you anything but shows a great character I am not a US resident - no offence was meant by saying any of the above. BR Alex
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