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  1. Hi jedimasterX, This program is Emty http://www.linuxcertif.com/man/1/empty/ it is use for a Pseudoterminal. we attempt to use the drone hack script drone. but this script was wrote for the pineappel mark V. That support the Emty command. the pinap nano does not. I have bought the parrot 2 for my students and use the script. all is working but he didn't send the kill command trought telnet. regards, Bas
  2. Dear people, do you know how to install empty on a pineappel...... regards Bas
  3. Dear people, With my klas it try to use the script for the drone hack for the parrot 2. i have bought a parrot 2 but when we lauch te script it gives erros. We already know that the pineapple can't use the telnet commando .... that is part of the problem. how can i fix the script or instal telnet on my pineapple. regards Bas
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