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  1. I don't think Android Smartphones have that capability. I've tried this a year or two ago as well with a little different set up but didn't work for me.
  2. Hey Spycial, I somewhat got through, after setting the IP to in the properties of the adapter, I can access in the browser and upload the factory reset file. But this runs for like a good hour and doesn't do anything. The Nano seems to be faulty which is a bummer, never got to actually use it.. But I will let it run overnight perhaps that makes a change..
  3. BUMP still facing this issue...
  4. Hey everyone, I decided to start messing around with the Nano, I plug in the bad boy using the Y USB cable and opened up the page in the browser. Downloaded the Firmware and started to upgrade the firmware. Throughout this process the USB cable got removed from my PC. I immediately plugged it back in but the page couldn't be reached anymore. I noticed that the blue LED blinked once or twice and then went to a solid blue for 3 seconds and went off. My computer didn't pick anything up. So I went ahead to this page: https://wiki.wifipineapple.com/#!troubleshooting.md to recover the Firmware. But when I hold down the reset button and plug back in the USB cable the device still won't get recognized by my Win10 PC. It shows this: Screenshot. As the page suggests: Which is what I did but I still cannot reach the NANO. What's cooking? Am I missing something? Is it Windows and should I try this process on a Linux machine? Thanks in advance.
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