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  1. Hi, I've used PineAP before with no issue however I've just done the latest update (2.4.2) and I'm either being dense or it's not working the same. Settings - Filters set to Allow Listed MAC(s) and Allow SSID(s) but no content (not sure if this is right) Options enabled are PineAP Log Events, Client Connect Notifications, Client Disconnect Notifications, Capture SSIDs to Pool, Beacon Response Pool location set to /etc/pineapple/ Now I enable the Daemon, which starts fine but then nothing appears in either the SSID Pool or the PineAP Log so I'm not convinced anything is
  2. Good evening all, I've just taken ownership of one of these cracking little devices and I'm just trying to get to grips with its use of the built in storage. I've run a couple of Catpures via the Recon scan page but don't seem to be able to find the scans, am I missing something obvious? Also I've had a module installed that was 10k and deleted it as it was complaining I had no room for installing a 4k one but it's still complaining. I've ordered an 8gb SD card so hopefully that will resolve the problem in the end but be nice to know whats happening now. It's just a bit odd its
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