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  1. -okay so ive finally got my pineapple connected in kali and can access pine app and scan in recon with my usb dongle hooked up for 3rd channel but still clients dont have internet they connected but cant access web what am i missing
  2. Did you ever figure out a fox I've got a nano with a usb wifi adapter dongle and I'm still not able to get my clients internet and now I can't use recon or pine ap I've been at this for over a month trying to get it to work I'm extremely disappointed in it
  3. I'm still stuck trying to get my connectors clients a connection once they connect to open ssid And recon and pine AP won't enable for me neither option on my client ap I scanned and selected wlan2 with the connection I have on wlan0 connected to pineapple https://docs.google.com/document/d/1snpHiLvVIaobi69ycfFMaMyQ2QIa4dppoZlM6QNrI9I/edit?usp=drivesdk
  4. 9'm so mad I order some old pos dongle I seen online that others are useing but won't be here for another week and I've been trying to get my pineapple up and running for over a week and I seen this belkin use wifi N300 adapter tonight at the checkout at Wal-Mart reduced for 12.99 but it is only for windows but that just my luck is there anything special I need to do with the wifi dongle when I get it or I just plug it into my computer and get internet connection to it and then plug it into my pineapple and does the pineapple tetra have to do the same to have connetion for clients or no
  5. Do the above 2 alfa ones comparable in kali on a go stream 14 notebook
  6. So you have to get a extra wifi connection to get nano to work right as in use pine ap and keep clients connected to internet
  7. I've finally got my nano up now I'm stuck trying to get clients internet connetion I run the wp6.sh threw guided today was the first time getting it to go threw and tell me to go to 172.16.42.:1471 But when I connet to client that is open I don't have any internet and under the wifi client mode when I scan it only give me the option for wlan0mon my connetion. On my hp stream 14 notebook running kali is is wifi on wla0 pine apple is connected threw its y connetion cable via usb on eth0 . :
  8. hey any or ideas of what im over looking im super new at kali still getting used to the cmd line but im trying my best any tips on were to go for help with understanding that would be nice as well i bought the pineapple nano usb ducky and the lan turtle and so far ive only tried to configure the pineapple nano unsuccessfully for the whole 2 weeks ive tried re flashing my framware and rebooting. i have the wps6.sh ive used ifconfig every witch way i think is possible im trying to config eth0 (pineapple nano) to connect to my main 2.4g internet connection on wlan0 my internet does have a wpa2 password set but im currently connected to wifi at the time of this when i run the wps6.sh when i do the Guided(G) option i match up all the numbers on eth0 to match what wlan0 is displaying in ifconfig also try to do something like this in the pineapple s interface via networking seting and the top box has blank boxs asking for the defult rute for the following bl lan eth0 wlan0 and wlan1 i pro made no sense at all but trying to get all this out in one form
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