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  1. "Suck part is it doesn't have much additional space for very long large payloads commands´╗┐" -- don't think its that big of an issue tbh since many of the good payloads dont take too much space unless of course you are deploying it for several hrs to gather large streams of packets which you can just as well use the Pineapple for that with its expandable Micro SD card. Many of the backdoor payloads for the Bunny don't require very large disk space. That being said it's surprising they haven't made it similar to the Pineapple with a Micro SD card slot. Perhaps the next Bunny successor might have expandable storage. You can suggest it on the forum, make a thread and see the feedback. I'm willing to bet most ppl would be joining this movement too ?
  2. LOL hey as the saying goes better l8 than never
  3. thanks!! i actually just ordered a pair of nice blue caps from ebay.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Plastic-USB-Type-A-Male-Female-Anti-Dust-Plug-Stopper-Cap-Cover-Protector/222664498365?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=521517154676&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  4. for the reverse shell you got the Bash Bunny to the rescue if you can insert it into the user's machine so this would make for a killer combo with the Pineapple and Bunny
  5. can the Pineapple Nano be used to crack a VPN connection? say you are in the parking lot at Starbucks and a user inside is connecting via VPN to his corporate networks. Since you capture the user's credentials before they connect to the VPN server (as they connect to Starbucks's hotspot) would that ultimately allow you as the Pineapple user to also gain access to the VPN server and thus the corporate network? what about someone doing online banking via VPN at a Starbucks? Is there a payload that can essentially allow you to capture VPN encapsulations and decipher them to access credentials? Just curios ?
  6. Thanks mate! a tiny cap will do just fine!
  7. I ran the updater and although it shows more payloads it looks very limited compared to what Darren got when he ran the updater: here's a screenshot of what mine looks like below and right next to it is a screenshot from Darren's video. Did anyone else have this issue where the library is very limited after running the bunny updater?
  8. anyone know where i can snag a lid that can fit pretty good on the Bash Bunny to protect the USB side from damage, etc?
  9. thanks for the info ? 7 seconds is not a big deal so i'll go with the bunny
  10. BashBunny == RubberDucky++ ? They both look similar somewhat but my question is can the Bash Bunny do anything the Rubber Ducky can and more? In other words if you get a Bash Bunny do you still need a Rubber Ducky?
  11. I know the AWUS036NEH works out of the box, no drivers needed since most Kali images are built with Alfas in mind because of the RealTek chipset. Havent yet tested AWUS036AC , on the box it says Linux kernel >= 2.4 so I assume it would work with Kali. Some users had issues with AWUS036AC in Ubuntu but can't remember which version of Ubuntu that was.. Linux keeps evolving at a rapid rate so chances are compatibility issues will become a thing of the past ?
  12. did anyone get the Elite edition of the Nano where it came with the upgraded antennas? I got mine and found they are extremely loose, no way to tighten them. Someone from the sales team confirmed that they are supposed to be like that. Did anyone that ordered those also get them loose like that? Why on earth are they like this and not normal and tight fitting like the typical antennas? Wouldn't this kill all your signal gains??
  13. Has anyone tested if either of these 2 Alfa adapters work nice as addons to the Nano? btw they both have packet injection and monitor mode AWUS036NEH AWUS036AC
  14. Does the Nano work fine with Kali Linux on Raspberry Pis, espcially the latest 3 B+ model and the Kali re4son kernel?
  15. thanks for all the insight every1 ? i'll have to try to find some time for this
  16. Thanks mate! So if I want to modify all the text including drop-downs, pretty much every text in this type of blue ( #306EFF ) should I replace all the #c6c6c6 values with #306EFF like how I have mine here? This is the main.css.. I tried looking at bootstrap.css but not sure which color values to change. Any help would be much appreciated ? Also once I'm done modifying the colours on the github file would I have to send a request to the owner of the file (yourself) to approve the changes since not sure it won't let me write to the file? So basically it creates a fork project with my changes and you get to approve it?
  17. btw how can I create my own theme like keep everything dark and change the writing to light blue?
  18. I see. thanks for the update ? Also regarding the LED light that blinks every now and then, is it normal? It stays solid for majority of the time and only does a 1 split second blink every minute or so. Does it have to stay solid 100% of the time? Is the blinking from network traffic?
  19. Is there a way to change the web interface theme from white to dark? thanks!
  20. When I click Load Bulletins from the Dashboard the most recent one is from 2016. Not sure why it's not listing more recent ones from 2018. Also even though the blue LED is solid most of the time it blinks every now and then and then goes solid again for a while then after a few minutes it blinks again then goes solid again and stays solid for most of the time. Is that normal? is that due to network traffic it's detecting?
  21. I see. Do they still support the Pineapple nano with firmware updates? Did anyone address this MicroSD issue before and did they say if or when they will fix it?
  22. I'll go with a 16 GB since they are pretty cheap. How fast should the read and write speeds be for the Nano? 100 MBps read and 90 MBps write as in the Extreme Plus SanDisk? Not sure what you meant about your last statement. Using MicroSD causes issues running those 2 attacks you mentioned and so it's better to use a USB flash drive instead? What if I want to also use the Alfa AWUS036NEH? also would using a MicroSD cause issues for other attacks in addition to those 2 mentioned?
  23. Trying to figure out which MicroSD card to get for my Nano. How many GB should I get and should I go for the Extreme Plus SanDisk or it's overkill? thanks
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