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  1. Hello. I want to use my old R36 to receive my interneet signal via wifi from my modem/router and provide it via my AWUS036H where I connect a big antenna as hotspot to my clients. I only get it working receiving with the usb adapter. Can you please help how to achieve this. Thanks, Bernd
  2. Hello. I am very new to java and only want to use webswing for to run my restaurant pos florantpos on our mobiles. There for i try to open this java app in webswing which should serve it from my windows7 desktop to my android tablet and mobile. webswing is running but I can't get my app up. Here is a part of the log which I think is important: FATAL: SwingMain:main -> java.lang.NullPointerException I can provide the whole log but don't wanted to post it here... Thanks in advance! Bernd
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