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  1. Just wondering if anyone has a decent fully working 5ghz USB antenna for the nano. I currently have my pineapple setup in a little tactical-ish bag with a headless pi3 and a dualband Alfa card. Originally the pineapple was using the Alfa and the pi was using a cheap dualband usb I found on Amazon, but it turns out the cheapo stick is incredibly low power, and the pineapple doesn't seem to be able to utilize the Alfa card that well (some modules cant use it or scanning doesn't seem to work right with it, or it's possibly not getting enough power to be worth it) so I switched the Alfa over to the pi but the crappy USB antenna I had on the pi doesn't seem to work at all with the pineapple, so I'm wondering if anyone has found any decent, preferably compact, dualband usb antennas that work with the nano. As I said the nano is in a small bag, so I prefer to use it as an access point with wlan2 (the USB) in wireless client mode. The USB port is connected to the pi (doesn't use the pi for power, just gives it an Ethernet connection so I can say in and use tools like wifite) which is why I'm using it in client mode, aside from it also just being easier to drag around without a laptop or wires going to my phone. My reason for wanting dualband is for 5ghz deauthing, handshake capturing, and for use with wireless client mode (I basically use it as a range extender half the time lol)
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