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  1. I updated the topic and added more description to be more clear
  2. Thanks for your reply , if my question not clear , How i can set a password for Evil wifi ? as far as i know wifi Pi have two main wifi the first one for management and second for attacks , how i can set a password for attacks wifi with WPA2 ? i want to create fake AP with password like the original . As i understand from your reply I dont think the client will automatically reconnect to my network because real wifi have password and my without and the client will never auto connect to my AP.
  3. Hello all , how i can set a password for pineapple open wifi ? some places they offer free wifi but you should ask about password i wana do evil twin and let the people connect to my evil AP , i cant see any option for that , can you help ? i've the following scenario Coffeeshop have wifi with WPA2 password , with 3 clients connected . i want to create Fake AP looks exactly like the Coffeeshop WiFi with the same password and force the connected clients to connect to my WiFi , so i try to use wifi pineapple nano and i change the AP name to Coffeeshop but t
  4. about the Ettercap , the problem i can not use eth0 interface because im connected by using wlan1 so there is no point of using eth0 as i understand , about arpsoof not yet , i've to test it thanks
  5. i answered your post , deauthing the original AP sometime not working because of the power i guess and also i've to do it manually each time , i don't know if my NANO having a problem or not but i've try to death AP i can see the client disconnected but if other client join the network i wouldn't be able to spoof him , i installed deauth module and seems not working as i expect
  6. i've installed ettercap but not running , when i click start it shows me starting then back again to start
  7. Thanks for reply , i don't want to use Kali or PC at all , i want to relay on WIFI P NANO only to preform MITM Attack.
  8. any update ? WIFI Pineapple should have arp,dns poisoning to be use in open network
  9. why there is no wifi arp poisoning ? if i found open network and i want to redirect all the traffic to my NANO , what should i do ? there is no stable tool can do that !
  10. Hello , i bought new Wifi Pineapple NANO and i i've tried to install Ettercap module but i can not run it , and there is no log to check what is going on . is there any way to apply MITM attack on public network without forcing the clients to connect to my own evil AP , i want to spoof ARP and tcpdump all the traffic in nano sd. Thanks
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