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  1. Hoped someone already did 🙂 Sofar (for time sake) I only cloned the recovery station to another (smaller) USB drive.
  2. BIOS is predecessor of UEFI, yet to create an bootable ISO image file for USB or optical media from USB recovery station content for an EFI system, I guess another boot image file will be needed. The situation here: I created an recovery medium on USB for Windows 10. At that moment I didn't realise the recovery station is from a EFI system. And the disc I created the recovery station on was way too big, so I could have cloned it to other media, but I choose to create a digital ISO image file of it. To make the ISO file on USB media bootable for a EFI system, the ISO image file should cont
  3. I found that product too, but missing the 'step by step' guide. If you've already get there, where's the steps to get it done (similarly to the step by step manual presented with the ImgBurn project)? Could you please present us the steps you'd take to get the job done?
  4. Who can help me converting USB drive content into an ISO image using ImgBurn? I have seen that it can be done, but lost the steps how to get there.
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