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  1. yes, you need to take out the SD card to replace payload otherwise you run the execution on yourself. and yes you can use twin firmware to add PDF or whatever (hide the payload files etc via windows settings on the USB .. hide files so none show up EXCEPT the PDF)
  2. Managed to get WPA working on the tetra and pineapple, but it doesn't like the options added to the attack in the options panel. I just installed wifite on both of them and SSH into and works flawless. Portable and does the job I need.
  3. Google is your friends for 'cough' pre made portals. Search Kali portals and you will be surprised what's available for download.
  4. The SD card ... just symlink the modules from SD to root using the ln -s command in terminal, creates a link and sorts out the problems.. if SD don't mount on boot, just take it out and put it back in (example: ln -s target_path link_path
  5. I have the nano and the tetra.. The tetra sits on my desk or attached to a long range USB antenna beside the window for more range. Now if you have the nano, lot's of fun to be had. Just set it up and watch the games begin ;) if you are good with html5 and php then you can create phishing pages that capture logins from anywhere... in simple terms, make a page like 02, starbucks and things like that and the nano is portable so carry it with you, power it up and leave it while you eat a burger. The victim will connect to your spoofed hotspot and then get re-directed to your fake page... then game over! :P then ssh into your nano from your phone or use the management AP and check logs from the GUI and view the logs for usernames and passwords that try to connect to the fake wifi portal or login page of you choice. The choices are endless if you use your imagination.
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