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  1. grr the edit didn't work. Ignore this I am going to use this for the notification. Take care!
  2. +Edit because I wanted to be alerted of replies. This was the first concern of mine when I got my Wifi Pineapple. Then I got my bunny and I really needed on. Anyways I have 2 They were about $16 on amazon. These devices I have are small and are often in my PC anyways and if they aren't there they are in a little zippered hard shell case with a soft inner lining from Anker. It came with something I got with a different purchase, but I honestly don't know which of the many Anker items it came with. haha This Mouse Jiggler will keep your PC from shutting off its screen. I used the software version for years and still do, but this device can also be programmed which has been helpful in the past. I still use the software version on personal PCs as my lovely security team made it where once the processes is started it will shutdown 3 sec later. I found a work around, BUT having this item because it's programmable is extremely handy. Take a look at it. I believe this is what you're looking for based on how I understood your question above. I have one on my Bunny and Pineapple Nano when they aren't plugged in. The other route I found was to buy them from China but you had to buy A LOT! I wonder if anyone from Hak5 might read this. Chances not, but I hope. The covers themselves are crazy crazy cheap from China and they are the same thing you find on these devices. How cool would it be if Hak5 provided one of these with tools that could utilize them. Maybe with Hak5 on the cover. Literally China were selling them for like 58 cents, but you had to buy hundreds in order to purchase any at all. It was cheaper and easier to buy a second jiggle (as I already had one. I hope this helps! Take a look at the amazon link below. Not only is the tool SUPER handy, but with the ability to program it you can do some interesting things. Suck part is it doesn't have much additional space for very long large payloads commands. https://www.amazon.com/WiebeTech-Programmable-Mouse-Jiggler-MJ-3/dp/B00MTZY7Y4/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_147_bs_t_1/144-3015348-5832104?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=6X1AMPN2AHQT5AKW9N60 After you look would you let me know if this is what you're taking about? As if this isn't what you're looking for I might be able to find something else. Take care dude!
  3. I also agree with building a personal cloud for your organization. It's a little more costly up front but there are many advantages. First you won't be forced to comply with another companies terms of service. One MAJOR issue with using any vendor cloud storage option is knowing where your data is physically stored. My manager and I were tasked with this project at my job. Realize that many vendors have written in their agreement that once the data is on their server that they own it. This is a major legal issue. It's crazy actually. Depending on where they are storing your info is extr6 important, and there are a crap ton of lawsuits against major cloud service providers right now due to lack of transparency. Wherever your data is stored you're forced to comply with local law. So different states, even counties within the states need to be researched. What if it's stored overseas? We are a finance management company for multiple companies. Obviously we have full personal financial information on the customers of the vendors whom we support. You can imagine why our law department requires vary detailed info on the physical storage location. Read this. https://www.greenhousedata.com/blog/legal-battles-over-local-data-why-your-cloud-location-matters It's not very well known, but it's a major issue. An example is Facebook. A lawsuit against them storing all users info I believe it was in San Fran meant they owned anything posted. They addressed the issue by moving their server to a different country so this is no longer true. They are probably the best example as the lawsuits are many, and unlike Google, Amazon and Microsoft; Facebook has become transparent. Another situation to take into account. Ransomware attacks are growing in numbers. What if the server location is attacked? It's happened with insurance agencies. Billing info client accounts, any info like policies were held for ransom. One company had to push all their customers payment to the next month causing double charge for that month and the previous. So what happens if where your data is stored is attacked? Suddenly you can't access any of that info. How long will you be down? What's the companies disaster recovery plan for this? Lots to think about until standards are set, but currently there are none. Go local for now. Bookmark this page. In my opinion everyone should have this page bookmarked for recovery situations. https://www.nomoreransom.org/en/decryption-tools.html It's updated very quickly, but obviously the newest needs to be cracked before they can provide fixes. But it's a priceless resource I feel. Good luck.
  4. I bet that would do it! Awesome idea. This is why it's good to ask questions in an active community. Awesome input and ideas. Again I've been split on which to buy, but I'm 99.99999% sure I could execute dban through the bunny with probably very little added syntax commands to push it. I already have a pretty good idea I'm going to get the ducky too. Lol The more tools you have.... It'll get figured out one way or another. I did figure out in theory the process I'd be able to take to wipe a Windows 10 box back to the base image, but that's only 10,and it's not a format. Good show, and thanks again! I'll update after in a few weeks (variable based on shipping) what results I come up with.
  5. @Foxtrot Thank you, Sir. :) What I did was the following. 1. Firmware Recovery 2. Tested, but Recon was broken due to the firmware not being up to date. 3. Updated firmware by downloading the file manually. I had to disconnect from my internet device as the IP that had to be navigated to would take me to my router config. 4. Configured TCP/IPv4 back to the : IP - Subnet Mask - Gateway - Match my shared internet connections Gateway. Preferred DNS: And done! Thank you so much!
  6. How do I do the site survey 15?sorry for my ignorance. Also thank you for your help. It's been frustrating. I'll update if it works.
  7. https://superuser.com/questions/54207/can-a-virus-corrupt-a-hard-disk Well I'm a little closer. This states that viruses from decades ago could cause the head to bump against the inside of the case damaging the drive. However the answer was that manufacturers create more robust drives now. In the case of a spinning disk a more robust drive shouldn't matter. It sounds like to me there's just better firmware to control these types of incidents or the lack of available area that the head can move to. Any thoughts maybe on super stress testing? Maybe working in the area around AAM/APM. I'm on a mission. Lol I very much want to buy a Bash Bunny but only if I know it'll fit a few different applications I'm interested in. I can't seem to find much feedback on other functionality other than quick payload distribution to obtain credentials and back doors. I want to test the stability of our machines for testing purposes only. ?
  8. Yeah let's not jump into the topic of other vendors devices. However what I can say about the USB Kill as I have one it's that the power regulators on most PCs will trip and allow a restart. After that first restart I've never found a pc to last a second hit. However cars, TVs, Cell Phones are all toasted. Again I don't want to discuss this item in length, but I've had one for sometime. I keep it in my Lil container with my other USB drives just encase it's lost or stolen. ? I know you can ramp up the speed of a platter as I've seen it done in person. An I guess mentor of mine, and the person who probably led me down this road of grey / white hat was a Navy Seal trained in info sec and penetration. I know sounds like a made up jacket story but true. He had written a script of some sort that locked the screen with a GIF while at the same time and within moments the disk spun to a very high speed literally burning or etching the disk. We took it apart afterwards so he could show me. However I was around 12 at the time and I'm now 34... Where he's at who knows, but I've seen it done and I've been chasing that drain for a long time. ? sorry again for discussion on the other product, but no it wouldn't serve my purpose as it hits the power regulator then MB. I've never seen damage to a disk which is what I'm looking for. Again even a simple automated format would serve as a supplement. But through collaboration. ?
  9. Heya all, I haven't purchased a bash bunny yet. I'm looking for a specific application and am not sure if it's capable. 1st. Preferred: plug and play format of any PC. I'm wanting the ability to plug the bunny in and have a task sequence auto execute that would format a Windows or Apple OS without the opportunity to cancel the process. 2nd is it possible? Plug and play the bunny and cause a spinning disk hard drive to up the RPM of the drive burning it and or the ability to up the voltage of the SATA /NVMe port destroying the drive. Has anyone heard of anything like this?
  10. Heya All, I have two Wifi Pineapples. One I obtained at DefCon those year for work, and a second I bought the following week for personal play. ? I've been having some issues with the second. First it seems like it's overheating. It's not in the tactical case or any other enclosure. It just stops working after scanning for about 15mins. Today I went to use it and the Daemon won't enable for the life of me. Hard rebooting or soft restarts have no impact. Ideas? I've already reached out to HAK5 a couple times as these new until was missing a few items and I brought up the over heating. I just haven't heard anything back so I thought I'd ask here. Thanks DocDizzy
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