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  1. Lmao when I Recieved the message from the warehouse guys saying can only send the Tetra Basic I was actually bummed more about not getting my Hak5 Tera Tactical Bag more than anything ?. 100% when your team has time a out of U.S order page is needed for sure!
  2. For future orders would anyone know if it would be possibly better to do multiple little orders or one large order? After all the "hazard" issues at the boarder we are still having difficulty having anything shipped out as there is keeps being something not in stock lol. I see that as a good sign. If inventory is low then buisness is good. An associate wants to order a similar order, as I mentioned I bought pretty much 1 of everything from the the hakshop, any insight as to if she should place multiple orders 1 per item or just all at once as normally large orders are not an issue? Thanks for any insight guys ✌️
  3. I have been waiting almost a month! For an order that was to be delivered in 48hrs. I spent alot of money I bought prettt much everything in the Hakshop. $1000 order that was confirmwd shipped and when contacting DHL they informed me the warehouse never gave them the package.. Then I got a reply a week later from Hak support saying and I quote "Your package was quarantined at the boarder as"Hazmat". Took a week and a half to get the next reply saying the issue is the Tetra Tactical and the Batteries it uses can't get through customs.. ? Sooo no one in Canada has ever bought the Tetra Tactical? I don't know what to do as theres no number to actually talk to someone about it. I have asked for a status update on my order 5 days ago and have not received any response. I know things happen and orders get backed up, however its been almost a month now and I would have thought a $1000 order! would be a priority, our team had plans to place multiple orders. My Order number is #141507 if someone can look into this matter we would be very greatful and hope we can get assurance this is not a regular occurrence to ensure the continuation of future buisness. Thanks sincerely Shawn Anderson
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