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  1. I ran into the same problem today. Here is how I fixed it: First ssh into pineapple using ssh root@ Then you have to install the full version of python on the pineapple by using the command: 'opkg install python' (By default python-light is installed) Now you can install pip: 'opkg install python-pip' finally you install tinycss with 'pip install tinycss' The whole process could take a while but it worked for me! This is a useful article for a beginner to the gui: https://blog.inspired-sec.com/archive/2017/01/10/cloning-captive-portals.html Hope this was helpful!
  2. Hi It is indeed true that the loggings module isn't installed in the light version of python that came with the wifi-pineapple. You can easily install the full version of python though by 'opkg install python' or just the required loggings module: 'opkg install python-logging'. Then you use the get-pip.py file to install pip. This worked for me. Hopefully this will be helpful to others. Tom
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