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  1. Here is some information on how the captive portal page works on iOS devices: https://socifi-doc.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SC/pages/27689029/The+Splash+Page+is+not+triggered+when+iOS+devices+connect+to+WiFi
  2. I also have difficulty with caching. Once i've redirected the user to the target url, the captive portal page keeps showing up. After a certain amount of time hitting the refresh button on the page does let me show the right page. And yes, i've added various headers in the meta and the headers that should prevent this. Examples: header("Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, max-age=0"); header("Cache-Control: post-check=0, pre-check=0", false); header("Pragma: no-cache"); https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13640109/how-to-prevent-browser-cache-for-php-site
  3. I know that, and have made a very nice page etc. Nice form, saves data, looks legit. Yet that doesn't explain how i can make sure the captive portal pops up when selecting the wifi. Or how to get rid of the captive portal page if the authorization is clicked? This should not be magic: there is a way how that stuff works but that isn't explained anywhere. Should the PHP redirect on_succes? And when is that triggered? Should i return true? There is really little more to do than to reverse engineer the code and even then... Any pointer to real live examples or documentation is appreciated. Now i'm reading through the code, which isn't that hard, but i would hate that every user of this plugin would have to start from scratch discovering the same stuff that has been posted here since 2016. I do like the effort that is being put into this plugin, the more usable it is, the better ?
  4. Hi newbi3, Thanks for creating the evil portal plugin. With the Tetra + latest firmware (2.2.0) i've found the plugin to be unreliable and i've spent the entire day to find solutions to the following issues. But to no avail. Since you're still actively developing, i hope you can help me and other people out that are willing to use the evil portal: 1: Clicking the "authorize" button on a standard and targeted framework does nothing. It is unclear what it should do. 2: Do i have to call onSuccess() myself from the handleAuthorization() method? Why isn't that implemented (and commented out) by default? There is really nothing describing how the plugin works, what the default workflow is and what i should do. 3: Once every 5 to 10 join attempts on the wifi network (after "forgetting" it on my iPhone) the captive portal will show up. Most of the time it wont. Some other times it only shows up if i browse to insecure sites, but not as a captive portal dialog. Even after i've been authorized (and in the authorized list), the portal pops up on every site i visit. 4: It's weird that i've seen a dozen videos describing how to handle a username / password combination example, but that is not a default. This is what everyone is doing with the plugin. So why not have this implemented by default anyway? Regards, Whuzzap
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