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  1. hey there, i have tried to get it to work, but no luck, did you have any more luck?:)
  2. Well, i only have the option to set it to br-lan, i do have the most up to date version though. i will just try to reinstall the module i guess. but just in case, any idea's why i cant set my Sein interface to anything except br-lan? EDIT 1: reinstall didnt help, too bad
  3. Sein is listening on the br-lan interface, the target is connected through the open PineAP AP. Does that make sense?
  4. first of all, thank you for the amazing support you have been giving. i do have a quick question. My target downloads and runs the payload fine, but although it shows up in de serverlog, Sein cant seem to make a connection. It never turns up in the target list in CursedScreech. does anyone have any idea's why??
  5. you are a hero, and i must have been way too tired, thank you:) i spent days setting up the mana toolkit, running into i think almost every singel error on this forum, so i guess i ran out of focuss. I used the hostapd.ssid_filter file, but i added a MAC-adress, not an SSID, bc i was working with MAC-adresses all day. Anyway, thanks for the quick response.
  6. I had a question related to the Mana Toolkit as used on the NANO, i spent alot of time is this thread the last couple of days, yet i dont think i have seen this question answered, but i would like to apologize in case i overlooked something. anyway, i managed to get the mana toolkit running, but now it runs a little bit too well, it tries every singel AP within range, however my scope is one specific SSID. i found the hostapd.accept and the hostapd.SSID_filter files, but leaving the MAC adress did not have the result i was looking for. now, i was hoping maybe someone could nudge in de right direction, it would be appreciated:)
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