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  1. https://github.com/hak5darren/wp6/pull/4
  2. There was a working fix for the script in a open pull request in the repo. It fixed my problems
  3. Firewall is off. looks like it the command "iptables -X" that fail whit the error. The script just continue if any of them fail and delete all routes in the table. Adjusted the script so it exit early but not sure what the error means yet as im new on iptables.
  4. Not turned it on by my self. But ill check if it's running as it's a fresh install. Thanks for the reply
  5. Hi, just got my nano and is trying to get it up and running. So far everything has worked out as planed but the internet sharing part of the video did not go smooth. I run the script as in the video. Using guided mode. After the run i checked if internet was shared and it was not. Ran it a gain loading config. Looks like it runs ok but in the end i can see this line from iptables: Too many links. And it allso looks like dns goes down on my machine. Using Linux Mint 19.
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