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  1. HI @Zylla - thank you for trying to reproduce. I'm not sure what help dmesg will be / is of. The seg fault is not generating any diagnostic messages. @Foxtrot do you mean that the fix you have applied to a future version is intended to resolve the issue I have - or you are not sure? Is this because there is no ca-certs bundle anywhere possibly?
  2. I've not been able to attach screenshots (or even reply because of rate limiting).. but now i can - here's my settings (attached)
  3. Firmware recovery and upgraded to 2.2.0 Still getting a Seg fault when trying to send via gmail root@Pineapple:/pineapple/modules/Reporting/files# ./reporting getPineAPReport uci: Entry not found getClientReport uci: Entry not found getTrackedclients getSiteReport OK OK Reloaded PineAP config machine : WiFi Pineapple TETRA Running scan type 2 for 15 seconds New scan id: scan Waiting for scan to finish Retrieving scan results, appending to debug log tar Segmentation fault
  4. It's connected. SSMTP seg faults when trying to send.
  5. Apologies @Just_a_User I didn't see you clarify you were using the current firmware. I'm not sure what else to do then, it is not working here.
  6. It's all configured correctly. I think ssmtp is seg faulting when trying to send - at least it does on the command line. I can't see where there is any logging or output when I click test send - so I've go no idea where to look. Does anybody else use gmail SMTP with the current firmware? The account works with SMTP sending, just not from the pinapple
  7. From: [redacted]@gmail.com To: [redacted]@gmail.com SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com SMTP Port: 587 (also tried 485) Domain: gmail.com Username: [redacted]@gmail.com Password: [redacted] Use TLS: Unchecked Use STARTTLS: Checked
  8. Apologies - should have already clarified - it is turned on.
  9. Have factory reset several times, nothing else installed and configured - can't email with Gmail. Are there any workarounds for the current firmware?
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