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  1. The UTF8 thing saved my day :-)
  2. plaul

    [Official] Dwall

    I have set u my test-server on a non-standard (not 80) port, which seems to be the problem. When I changed this into port 80, everything worked as expected
  3. plaul

    [Official] Dwall

    Yes, I have set up a simple "meant to be hacked" server, which deliberately is using HTTP and not HTTPS.
  4. plaul

    [Official] Dwall

    Hi All I just got started with a new Pineapple Tetra and DWall and I can't monitor any traffic I'm using Pineapple V 2.2.0 and DWall V 1.2 I Connect to Tetra's Open SSID via my phone, and also browse the internet I can Enable and "Start Listening" DWall, but no traffic (URLS, Cookies or Data) is monitored Any suggestions to what could course this problem?