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  1. Hey man, this did the trick! SSHd into the pineapple, copy and pasted the code, then rebooted for good measure. The module works like a charm now. Thank you so much! I appreciate all the work you do!
  2. I keep getting the following error when trying to clone sites: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/pineapple/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/portalclone.py", line 24, in cloner.cloneResources() File "/pineapple/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/PortalCloner.py", line 155, in cloneResources stylesheet = parser.parse_stylesheet(style.string) File "/pineapple/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/libs/tinycss/css21.py", line 394, in parse_stylesheet tokens = tokenize_grouped(css_unicode) File "/pineapple/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/libs/tinycss/tokenizer.py", line 203, in tokenize_grouped return regroup(tokenize_flat(css_source, ignore_comments)) File "/pineapple/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/libs/tinycss/tokenizer.py", line 48, in tokenize_flat source_len = len(css_source) TypeError: object of type 'NoneType' has no len() This occurs even after a factory reset of my pineapple tetra. Any thoughts?
  3. Hey all, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post or not. I just got my Pineapple tetra yesterday and I've been messing around with Evil Portal and Portal Auth. I can clone a site and get everything working in Evil Portal so far. My issue is that it doesn't redirect to the portal. You can connect to the pineapple but say for example I cloned gmail.com. If I enter gmail.com I won't go to the fake gmail, it will go to the real gmail unless I enter the IP of my pineapple. Is there a way to get it to redirect? If this is the wrong area I can remove this post.
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