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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses and all of the help, i had a feeling that the lines ":loop" and "goto loop" were my issue (as in: the bunny doesnt loop that part of the script). I tested this with a payload that just changes the lights :loop LED G LED B goto loop and after changing from green to blue the bunny was left on a blue LED so it seems my issue now, is finding a loop method that the bunny will recognize.
  2. thank you, this solution wors but my issue is when i use grep to find the file i created in my passwordgrabber file, it doesn't find it OR my system for looping the if grep lines doesn't work here's what i have written :loop if grep DONE /root/udisk/loot/PasswordGrabber/ then LED FINISH else sleep 5 fi goto loop after laZagne finishes powershell creates a DONE file in the password grabber folder so my issue is either with my usage of grep or my loop
  3. I am trying to edit the password grabber payload.txt so that the Finish LED will only turn on once laZagne.exe has finished and closed, because right now it turns on after 10 second while laZagne is still running, which if i remove the usb at that point, all of the excavated passwords are lost. i'd like it to work similar to powershell where if i Start-Process -filepath -wait it will wait to move on to the next line until the process has finished. issue is, WAIT on the bunny script means Wait for switch position change, and for some reason i cant seem to get grep to find the word password in the password.txt file Any assistance/suggestions are appreciated, i just want the finish led to actually mean finished.
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