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    PineAP Beacon Response

    I found a solution that worked quite well for me and might work for you! I've provided the steps listed below. IMPORTANT: Upgrading the firmware WILL return your WiFi Pineapple to factory default settings, so if you have anything you wish to backup then NOW is the time! I'm not sure if the firmware upgrade was designed to do this but maybe the developer can modify the next firmware upgrade to keep previously saved files and configurations... Follow the steps to install the latest sysupgrade (upgrade-2.2.0.bin): 1) SSH into the WiFi Pineapple using a terminal via user: root Note. Internet connectivity is required to perform this step. 2) cd /tmp 3) Download the appropriate firmware file for your particular WiFi Pineapple (e.g., nano, tetra) Tetra version only, type+enter: wget -O upgrade-2.2.0.bin https://wifipineapple.com/downloads/tetra/2.2.0 Nano version only, type+enter: wget -O upgrade-2.2.0.bin https://wifipineapple.com/downloads/nano/2.2.0 4) Ensure you are still in the 'tmp' directory (root@Pineapple:/tmp#), then type+enter: sysupgrade -n upgrade-2.2.0.bin The WiFi Pineapple should begin the firmware upgrade process and reboot. The overall upgrade should take about 1 - 2 min to complete. Setup the WiFi Pineapple using factory default setup procedures on wifipineapple.com. SEPARATE NOTE: Anyone who is still learning and needs some help setting up your wifi device or interested in some online tutoring in IT/cybersecurity, then feel free to reach out to me on this forum for help! Fyi - Even though I'm a customer of Hak5 products, I am not representing the developer(s) and/or Hak5. ~ CyberTecky
  2. Hak5, You've been a great inspiration for me over the years, which I must admit has definitely influenced my wallet-spending habit on, well, just about ALL of Hak5 products I could get my hands on! LOL One of those happens to be the WiFi Pineapple Tetra which I find awesome for sure! However, I'm not sure if I'm finding the right resources out there that could help walk me through all the capabilities (in-depth). If I'm incorrect then I apologize, but what I'm seeing are videos that walk through the MK4/5 models mainly, and not the on the current (more improved/capable) Pineapple Nano's and Tetra models. I'm not sure what the consensus would be on this topic but I'd be the first take advantage of a NEW walk-thru lesson-by-lesson demonstration on the WiFi Pineapple University! Anyway, just wanted to give the forum a try and where this post might take us... CyberTecky