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  1. Or use the "route-nopull" option in the client config. Its simple, the client uses the default interface. If the vpn connection is only there for you to connect from the outside, its the way to go. I needed to install OpenVPN 2.4 today, I couldn't find it for the LAN Turtle. I flashed an updated OpenWRT and it works great. Plus access to other more updated Entware packages. Its bare bones, I think smaller than the Hak5 firmware, so a little more breathing room for Entware. https://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/targets/ar71xx/generic/openwrt-ar71xx-generic-lan-turtle-squashf
  2. I was playing with my pineapple this morning, was going to move it to a shelf and outlet across the room. I tried to keep it running. It was plugged in with its oem adapter, I used a powered usb cable to bridge the gap, unplugged the ac adapter, plugged it back in across the room, unplugged the usb power. Then nothing, dead... I've done the same before accidently, moving a laptop around and realize the cord had come unplugged, that's why I was so brave about being so careless today. I opened it up thinking maybe I'd see a burnt spot or something, then I could at least attempt a repair. But it
  3. What about autossh? If autossh autostart is working, will it persist after an upgrade? And allow remote access?
  4. Remote upgrade? Is it safe to upgrade remotely when I don't have physical access to the pineapple? I'm currently on 2.1.0, SSH and web access via WAN areon. Just checking to be sure those settings stay, and the router doesn't require pushing the physical button or power cycling.
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