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  1. I'm experiencing the same problem. Even if enabled, LANTurtle wont connect automatically. Starting from the turtle menu works fine though.
  2. Great, thank you! Looking forward to it ? Also, thank you MB60803 for your approach, I'll take it into consideration!
  3. I have been reading the doc, and it seems that this command is intended to 'pause' between instructions, but not to reduce the typing rate, which I think is the problem. Before I can test, do you know if, as a previous message suggested, is there any way to change typing rate?
  4. Thank you very much, guys. I will test this solution during the weekend and I will let you know.
  5. Good morning, I recently acquired a BashBunny, and I have been playing with it for two days. This morning I managed to deploy a payload that launches a reverse meterpreter through powershell by making use of the HID and a veeeeery long string. So, if I define this very long string as a unique string (Q STRING "Very Long String"), the payload works as expected in my PC, but it fails on my laptop as it seems the letters are not written in the right order, or some letters are missing. In order to mitigate this, I have divided the long string in multiple "Q STRING" statements, adding a DELAY of 100ms between then. Q STRING "Part 1" DELAY 100 Q STRING "Part 2" DELAY 100 ... Even doing this, the payload fails in my laptop. When comparing what is written between my PC and my laptop, the laptop is missing like 80 characters of a total of 8000. Is there any way to solve this, other than shorting the strings even more and adding more delay? Thank you very much, guys!
  6. Good afternoon, I have just acquired a Packet Squirrel, and while it arrives I have been reading into the docs and the forum in order to find if it's possible to establish a Stealth VPN. I have done some assessments where deep inspection capabilities where able to identify and block any VPN traffic while allowing https. Is there any module (e.g. STunnel) that could be installed on the Packet Squirrel in order to wrap VPN traffic into HTTPs? Thank you!
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