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  1. Bayo

    [Official] Portal Auth

    I am now at the step where I have to find my network client download but it is nowhere to be found. can you explain to me why?
  2. Bayo

    [Official] Portal Auth

  3. Bayo

    [Official] Portal Auth

    When i was using the portal auth, it continued to tell me that my wifi pineapple must be online to clone, which it is but it keeps giving me that problem
  4. Bayo

    [Official] Portal Auth

    I recently started using the Portal Auth module and looked up the tutorial for it but i came across a problem. When I was trying to clone a site, a red error occurred that explained to me that my wifi pineapple must be connected to WiFi but it already is. Is there something I need to check or is it a common bug?
  5. Bayo

    Wifi Pineapple issues

    I just seen your last post i was able to fix it. thanks!
  6. Every time i try connecting my device to the ssid network, it keeps giving me a cannot correct error. I tried rebooting my pineapple and the WiFi router but still no solution.