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  1. I am now at the step where I have to find my network client download but it is nowhere to be found. can you explain to me why?
  2. When i was using the portal auth, it continued to tell me that my wifi pineapple must be online to clone, which it is but it keeps giving me that problem
  3. I recently started using the Portal Auth module and looked up the tutorial for it but i came across a problem. When I was trying to clone a site, a red error occurred that explained to me that my wifi pineapple must be connected to WiFi but it already is. Is there something I need to check or is it a common bug?
  4. I just seen your last post i was able to fix it. thanks!
  5. Every time i try connecting my device to the ssid network, it keeps giving me a cannot correct error. I tried rebooting my pineapple and the WiFi router but still no solution.
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