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  1. SSLSPLIT doesnt have HSTS bypass function.
  2. I just bought ralink-mt7601u from china and i was cheap so i tried it with my linux computers it didnt work but with windows it works.?????????+
  3. I got one time same problem. You should try it with linux computer.
  4. I did run to another problem: kismet_server: can't load library 'libcap.so.2'
  5. I were just normally using my nano and installing softwares with opkg 1. noticed if i installed like screen to my sd card "screen" command will be not found. When i install it to root it will work. 2. When opkg software is installed to sd card this message shows up: I know fix for that it is just when --dest sd parameter is used grep /sd/usr/lib/opkg/info/kismet-client.control 3. The client network can log into ssh and web interface. 4.When running kismet_server i got error: But libpcap 1.9.0-1 is installed. I hope you guys will fix these.
  6. Yeah i didn't see it. But i fixed it with firmware reset.
  7. I accidentally typed rm -rf / So i am stupid How i am gonna fix this???
  8. I just started my wifi pineapple and i ssh to it and i see: So is this normal. And i am running on latest firmware
  9. I have been thinking lately to use rp-sma splitter with my wifi pineapple nano. Only reason why i am here is because i am not sure is it safe to use rp-sma splitter does it break anything and is it safe?
  10. It works not i fixed it with this: https://www.wifipineapple.com/pages/faq#collapseFive
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