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  1. Hello everyone, My WiFi Pineapple NANO Tactical just shipped! Had found everything, besides a Hak5 Sticker and 5dbi antennas. Sticker is not a problem, but I didn't get my 5dbi external antennas. Are they no longer included? Thanks!
  2. @Sebkinne is the lead WiFi Pineapple developer, he may take a look.
  3. So as far as I know it's possible to do everything except the handshake verification. Someone should work on that one.
  4. This intended to work so, you may want to modify the module depending on the port you want to use and monitor traffic.
  5. Thanks! Sorry for the mistake
  6. WiFi Auditing At the core of the WiFi Pineapple is PineAP, an advanced suite of wireless penetration testing tools for reconnaissance, man-in-the-middle, tracking, logging and reporting. Utilizing our unique hardware design, PineAP is the most effective rogue access point suite available. WIFI PINEAPPLE KITS: WiFi Pineapple NANO (100$/150$) Designed for WiFi Reconnaissance A great option if you want to scan the network and report it. Only 2.4GHz support Smaller, portable version Memory expansion via MicroSD WiFi Pineapple TETRA (200$/300$) Designed for Interception A great option if you want to target the network and intercept it. Dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz suppport Built-in skybridge amplifiers Dedicated RJ45 port Physical Access The best penetration testers know that with the right tools and a few seconds of physical access, all bets are off. Since 2005 Hak5 has been developing just such tools – combining lethal power, elegance and simplicity. USB ATTACK TOOLS: USB Rubber Ducky (45$) Designed for USB Automation A great option if you want to do intelligent exfiltration and keystroke injection. Only HID and Storage emulation Covert Case with an Optional Decal Plug and play, instant feedback Bash Bunny (100$) Designed for Penetration Testing A great option if you want to do network hijacking, intelligent exfiltration, keystroke injection and have a dedicated shell access. Ethernet, Storage, HID and Serial emulation Multiple payloads selection through a 3-way switch Boots in less than 7 seconds Network Implants Simple and effective. These stealthy Ethernet multi-tools are expandable platforms for remote access and man-in-the-middle. Their discreet nature allows them to easily blend into network environments. NETWORK IMPLANTS: LAN Turtle (60$/200$) Designed for Ethernet Remote Access A great option if you want to capture packets, exfiltrate data and have an unlocked world-band 3G modem. Looks like an innocent Ethernet-to-USB adapter Stealthy man-in-the-middle remote access toolkits Configure, deploy and access Packet Squirrel (60$) Designed for Man-in-the-middle A great option if you want to capture packets, do man-in-the-middle attacks and have a VPN connection. Pocket sized ethernet man-in-the-middle multi-tool Personal recommendations from me. Script, switch and deploy Note: features about the every gadget is written personally by me, everyone may have different opinions.
  7. I loved the "Hack you way in" idea. Spent some time on that and got my invite code, awesome!
  8. @Sebkinne per WPA3 Protocol specifications, it seems that WPA3 will be a strong bit, first of all it uses Simultaneous Authentication of Equals instead of Pre-shared Keys (PSK) making offline brute forcing useless. Moreover, it has this new feature called opportunistic wireless encryption (or simply individualized data encryption), which using 192-bit encryption encrypts the data from being intercepted even though the site doesn't have HTTPS protocol so tools like urlsnarf or driftnet will be no longer a thing. As well, it seems that it adopts Suite-B, stronger cryptographic algorithms so hash cracking will be harder. Oh and there is this thing called Device Provisioning Protocol, which allows easy Internet of Things provisioning but it sounds to me vulnerable. So, will see how that is possible to integrate into WiFi Pineapple NANO. I don't want to purchase a new WiFi Pineapple ?. P.S: there is a new type of WLAN, 802.11ax too.
  9. This is working with both WPA Enterprise and WPA2 Enterprise, right?
  10. Hello, try to run the following command: pip install tinycss
  11. Hello, So I was looking into buying WiFi Pineapple Nano Tactical with Ralink RT5370, but when I saw the shipping price of 130$ and shipping time 7-21 days, I literally said NO. So, instead I thought to ship it to my cousins at USA for 5$ in 1-4 days. Now, I need to know the weight of the whole Tactical package. Including all stuff from it (WiFi Pineapple Nano, Pineapple Juice 4000 and all the other things). It would be great if someone could tell me the weight in grams and kilograms. Best regards, moliata.
  12. Does running ./usr/bin/tcpreplay work?
  13. Hello, can you post a result returned by the following command: ls /bin/{tcpreplay,usr/tcpreplay} Best regards, Ben.
  14. EDIT: MITMf seems to not work still, it would be great for any other solution.
  15. Okay, I quickly found a solution using MITMf, so all you have to do is to simply run install BeEF, MITMf and just do a simple JavaScript injection. Thanks anyways!
  16. Hello everybody, A few weeks ago I purchased my Packet Squirrel which I am in love to. ...and after doing some DNS spoofing, I thought why not to do another type of MITM attack: JavaScript injection. It would be an amazing idea to combine that together with BeEF. So, I am here to ask: what specifically I should do? Using tools such as Xerosploit won't work as it is targeted for a specific host, unlike what I want to do: use it with a whole network, putting Packet Squirrel between a router and an antenna. Thanks again, Ben P.S: it may be a dead-easy or super dumb question, but I'm new here, so I don't really know: how to ask Great Questions.
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