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  1. I have watched all of it, and the storyline, characters and the whole idea behind is just amazing. In fact, it's not discontinued as some people as said. Sam Esmail, himself wanted for Mr. Robot to not be a never ending TV show, as he said, he wants to end the movie how he has imagined it from the beginning. While I am waiting for Mr. Robot season 4 release in 2019, I had hope for a 5th season to be the last, but it seems it ends here. I think in the season 3, you can really see that there is not much left to do in the series besides to complete something.

  2. They probably forgot to remove the info from their page? Jamie from Hak5 answered my question in the support team, that I wasn't supposed to get the antennas as that was in the older kit, so I'm not sure. When I get back from the vacation I'll send the ticket number @Foxtrot.

  3. I got the kit for 150$ (with included Anker power battery) + 10$ Ralink RT5370. The landing page said that it includes the upgraded antennas. Those antennas with same Anker power bank were in the pictures from other people who got the same kit. Now, the kit costs 130$, but includes Ralink RT5370, which wasn't included before, it costs 10$, so if we subtract we get 120$. The Anker PowerCore Slim 5000 costs 30$ from Anker themselves, which means, I didn't get the better price, instead I lost 10$, as that much those antennas cost now in their store.

  4. Okay, it seems you have no idea what I mean. I'll try to explain in more simpler words for you. When you have both WiFi and Mobile data enabled and then you connect to the WiFi Pineapple management AP, you are not able to access If you disable mobile data, you then are able to open it. I hope you get it now.

  5. Hello, what do you mean by "training videos"? Do you want to know how to setup your WiFi Pineapple or what cool things you can do with it? If you are interested on how to setup it, YouTube has a lot of those videos and if you want to have some fun with it, you may try out different modules that people have created. If you have any questions, ask over here.

  6. On 8/30/2018 at 4:18 AM, Dave-ee Jones said: isn't on the internet side, though.

    What you're saying is it blocks all network access if it can't ping Google, which isn't true. I can access my local NAS when I don't have internet access on my Android (OnePlus 5T, latest firmware).

    What's this "Management AP" you're talking about? Is it the Pineapple or something else?

    Well, this is a Google Pixel thread. ...and Managment AP is WiFi Pineapple's management access point. So you can connect your Android phone to it without using WiFi Pineapple Connector app. It uses address strictly.

    On 8/30/2018 at 4:18 AM, Dave-ee Jones said:

    Also, if you've got no internet on your WLAN side then wouldn't it fall back to mobile data?

    You literally quoted me saying "Disabling the Mobile Data, Google can't ping and see whether the response differs, it then allows network traffic.

    On 8/30/2018 at 4:18 AM, Dave-ee Jones said:

    Maybe he had some other reasons he wanted to root for as well.
    Or he simply just didn't know you could do that with adb and thought rooting would be the best option with his current library of knowledge?

    ...and where is the problem of me saying that he could have not rooted the phone? Plus, if you look to my given Stack Overflow link the answer specifically said that you can use "adb shell".

  7. 4 hours ago, Dave-ee Jones said:

    Unless you turn on "simultaneous networks" or whatever it's called in the Developer menu on Android. It's something like "don't turn off data if I'm connected to WiFi" or something..

    May work, probably not but might be worth a shot.

    That's not what I mean, when you connect to the Management AP (...and if it doesn't have internet connectivity, Android tries to ping Google servers). This results in "no response" and so, Android blocks all internet connectivity, including the Disabling the Mobile Data, Google can't ping and see whether the response differs, it then allows internet traffic.

    Well, you shouldn't have rooted your phone, it works without it? Disabling the exclamation mark is done using adb. Simply download Android SDK tools, which should have adb tool, connect your phone and type "adb shell", which will start a shell with your phone, then you can type those commands. I mean, I didn't need root for this.

  8. Hello everyone!

    I have managed to make my Packet Squirrel with Ralink RT5370 to connect to my hotspot by following topic:

    ...and only changing "ap" to "sta". The only problem I have now, is that, I want to bridge an SSH server that I started by running:

    /etc/init.d/sshd start

    to be able to access it within the WiFi access point that Packet Squirrel is connected to.



  9. I have Google Pixel 2 and I am using Android Pie. Make sure you are giving the power to the WiFi Pineapple NANO while you are connecting a USB cable to USB Host port. At first I though, I can just straight connect WiFi Pineapple USB connector through USB OTG cable, I was dumb a bit then. Also, you need to disable Android's Exclamation Mark (No Internet) detection in order to be able to connect to the WiFi Pineapple management access point, as the Android blocks network traffic if it can't ping Google servers (if there is no internet connection). To do so, take a look at https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/100657/how-to-disable-captive-portal-detection-how-to-remove-exclamation-mark-on-wi-fi Oh and, if you are stuck at Waiting for WiFi Pineapple to make a connection, make sure to wait until the Pineapple boots as it won't straight away connect, when the light stops blinking, connect the USB cable and follow the app's instructions.

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