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  1. I strongly recommend that you don't save any modules / portals to internal storage, use a removable microSD card (16GB is enough). If you can't remove a module from the GUI or via ssh (rm -r), then factory reset the pineapple to restore its defaults.
  2. I honestly haven't played around with SSL-strip all that much. The first time I did, it wasn't really "stripping" https as I thought it should >.> so I kinda-of gave up on it and haven't had time to return to it. Captive Portal is very much indeed still relevant today as you may find plenty of open access points in public that still display these services - ex. xfinitywifi 😉 However, I wouldn't use the templates from GitHub as they're extremely outdated, so just do what I did and code your own.
  3. You're correct about the scans not displaying in the module, however, they do show in the Recon log files. Interesting .... For me, the dependencies button is there and works for me 100%. The only issue seems to be with the scanning, which relies on Recon, then pushes the scans to the module (I think). *I think its an issue with Recon because I don't see "live" scans from it. I have to stop the "live" scan in order to see the results. So, Recon is probably broken and since PMKID relies on Recon scans, it won't display the results properly. Just my speculation 😕 probably will downgrade back to 2.4.2 until a fix is issued. Personally I haven't had issues with PineAP / Recon before the update anyway 😒
  4. Are you sure you have an active internet connection on the pineapple? I just did a factory reset to free memory / data off the filesystem and deleted everything off my sd card (because I had an issue with PineAP earlier it resetting / deleting stuff solved it >.>) and re-installed the modules I had, including Site Survey and the dependencies loaded to my sd card just fine.
  5. @UnLo@Forkish RE: 400GB microSD card UPDATE ... So, a 400GB SanDisk microSDXC card will work on the pineapple after formatting it to FAT32. I used the built-in 'Disk' Utility manager on my Linux OS (since Windows cannot format exFAT over 32GB...), inserted it into my nano and reads 366.7GB/393.7GB* --- SUCCESS! 🙂 I didn't try adding any modules but since my nano reads the 400GB microSDXC, I'll assume that it will add modules and all other data just like having a 16GB microSD card, except with larger space.
  6. When downloading modules from the pineapple database to the SD card, it should give you an option to mount it to SD than the Internal storage. If it doesn't give you that option, then perhaps the SD card isn't mounted / formatted correctly.
  7. Yeah, I know; was able to get it running a year-half ago after purchase 😛 I thought about doing that long time ago but requires my laptop to continuously be plugged-in, turned on, connected to wifi, etc. when not at home >.> Looking for something more "mobile", since the idea of adding it to sd card and running ssh via pineapple. Think I'll just purchase an android and go from there 😕
  8. .... I'm not asking for modules? *confused* *Nano and okay, I'll abort mission then but the idea is still there! Kinda figured that out after a day of trying >.> Thanks for the feedback!
  9. What are your Filters set to? You need both Client/SSID Filtering fields empty You need both Client/SSID Filtering to be set as Deny PineAP Daemon enabled Capture SSID's to Pool checked Log PineAP events needs to be checked in order for SSID's to be added to the pool. * Also consider that manufactures are probably upgrading mobile firmware to prevent PineAP from sniffing probes. I forgot where the actual statement was mentioned on these forums ... >.> * Also, Also, wlan1 is reserved for PineAP. So, if you have a connection running under wlan1 instead of wlan2, that would explain why no ssid's are capturing.
  10. Is it possible to load msf on micro sd card and use it via ssh on pineapple? I've done a little research and found a thread that didn't really help much: I ended up formatting my sd card to exFAT since FAT32 doesn't allow executables. Then mounted the sd to my linux OS to curl the nightly installers, which downloaded the msfinstall executable. I mounted the sd card back onto the pineapple and tried running ./msfinstall and got these errors: ./msfinstall Updating package cache.../msfinstall: line 160: apt-get: not found OK Checking for and installing update.. ./msfinstall: line 160: apt-get: not found I ran opkg list-installed and apt-get isn't installed on the pineapple ........ Ooooh-Kaaaay ...... I tried installing it but got these errors: opkg install apt-get Unknown package 'apt-get'. Collected errors: * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package apt-get. Right. So, I mounted my sd card back into my linux OS and cloned the git repository. It downloaded successfully and after running bundle install everything loaded just fine (or so I thought). Ran ./msfconsole and msf5 loaded but without postgresql connection - that's fine. Next, I unmounted my sd card and put it back into the pineapple, ssh'd and ran ./msfconsole and got the following errors: ./msfconsole env: can't execute 'ruby': No such file or directory Now I have to find a way to install ruby -_- since ruby itself is too large to install internally on the pineapple, I have to install it on my sd card - which I'm completely stuck at this point. Say if I do manage to install ruby on the sd how can I get msf to recognize it and load? Has anyone else tried something similar before? Is there a better way to do this than what I'm currently doing? Let me know!
  11. Ya'know ... I literally had the same idea few days ago >.> hmmmmmmmmm ..... Buy one and test it out for us? 😛
  12. If that's what they're asking, I usually look at the *signal level of the ssid to see how close i am to the box.
  13. Interesting ... what firmware version are you running for your BB?
  14. whoops, brain-fart. What Foxtrot said. I need sleep >.>
  15. You need to change your filter to 'Allow' in order for clients to connect and have get ssid's to populate.
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