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  1. Thanks for the clarification, although having a toggle/select as you move across countries would be helpful instead of resetting it each time. Not sure If it can cause trouble in the, for example, US if I have a device configured for Europe and it’s seeking channels which are perhaps out of bounds to the public...? I know that’s being paranoid but having that as a menu would be helpful for a handful of users, at least!
  2. It seems the above issues of deauth are persisting even with the update. It seems to occasionally work on wlan1mon but erratic at best. Does anyone have advice on the steps in case I misconfigured something please? I did follow an online tutorial to verify.
  3. Could not find a way to change region to allow non-US channels past 11. Could anyone please advise on how that can be done to use in the U.K./Europe? I remember seeing an option to choose country at setup but assumed that can be adjusted later as needed. thanks
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