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  1. Works for me but takes significantly more time than with 2.1.2 Interesting update though. Good job guys.
  2. My observation: I have installed dwall > tested > works I have installed papers > built a TLS/SSL certificate, applied to secure the connection > reboot > dwall no longer works and I think sslsplit as well I have removed the TLS/SSL cert and returned back to http > dwall works again.
  3. Hi there, There is no option on the Client Filtering page to bulk upload a list of MAC addresses. Reason why I would like to bulk upload them is I want to make sure no one else can accidentally connect why we are running a rogue WiFi activity during our event so I would like to white list approximately 1000 MAC addresses and block everyone else. Would anyone know, where is the tool storing those MAC addresses you enter manually or you get from Recon? I imagine I could just ssh in and modify that file. I looked around but can't find it. THX in advance for your help.
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