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  1. i agree.. there are things like musicbrainz which can help tag stuff. im just more interested in being able to get the music. pandora plays music randomly i dont check every song. i check when i find something i like.
  2. im having a problem getting java to run in firefox as it seems JRE 6 - 3 is not compatible with firefox
  3. hi. im having problems getting the JRE 6.0 update 3 working.. firefox says its not compatible with firefox :( what to do?
  4. it stops ripping songs after the first few. DEBUG [Thread-2] (Mp3Processor.java:129) - no more mp3 found in dir DEBUG [Thread-2] (Mp3Processor.java:105) - ***processing directory: hsperfdata_Xathil*** DEBUG [Thread-2] (Mp3Processor.java:154) - unable to parse file: C:DOCUME~1Xat hilLOCALS~1Temphsperfdata_Xathil3764 marking file as non-mp3 DEBUG [Thread-2] (Mp3Processor.java:119) - recent non mp3 file found: 3764 - wil l continue to next file DEBUG [Thread-2] (Mp3Processor.java:129) - no more mp3 found in dir DEBUG [Thread-2] (Mp3Processor.java:154) - unable to parse file: C:DOCUME~1Xa
  5. EDIT: nvm. i had to mes around with the flash switcher and the pandora frame thing.
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