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  1. I was just having the same issue! Thanks!
  2. So I was thinking about making a "smarter" RFID cloner. Every time you cloned and RFID tag it would store it on a local database that could be accessed by a web interface. You could then select an RFID tag that you have snagged, and it would automatically switch the RFID card to that tag. You could store different tag groups, and select favorite tags, and the coolest part is if you don't know which tag goes to what "lock" you can set the card to cycle, and it would go through and try all the stored tags until it got to the right one. This would be super useful for someone like me who carries around 15 different RFID enabled cards. I could only carry around one and it would be much easier for me to get around. Does anyone have any ideas to add or input? (It needs a cool name, "RFID Narwhal" is the only suggestion I've gotten...
  3. Oh, I guess that was easier than I expected 😂 thank you for the help sorry it was such a basic question!
  4. Hi, I am new to this so please excuse my ignorance, but I want to set my wifi pineapple nano so that I can plug it into a mobile battery, and then have it connect to a network (we could use star bucks wifi for an example) without having to be plugged into my computer, and then from there run the attacks. Thanks in advance!
  5. Yes I have used the LAN port to plug it into the router and it is online for sure
  6. I just got my first Turtle! (It's also my first Hak5 product and I am so excited!) Unfortunately whenever I try to update it, it just freezes, does anybody know what that could be from?
  7. My name is SkullScript Favourite game: Skyrim Favourite OS: n/a Favourite console: Atari 2600 Nationality: US Accent: Technerd Sex: Male Age: Unknown Race: White American Height: 6â€6’ Status: Dead inside Build: Nerd Favourite band: AC/DC Favourite book: Narnia Saga Favourite author: C.S. Luuis Favourite movie: Princess Bride Favourite director: n/a Favourite TV Show: F.R.I.E.N.D.S Favourite actor: n/a Favourite actress: n/a Favourite Pinup: n.a Favourite Comedian: n/a Other hobbies: Rubik's Cubes, Game Dev Car: 1995 Honda CRV Occupation: 1337 H4CK3R
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