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  1. My name is Drew aka Mitsuki Before I get into the boring stuff about me and become narcissistic with my answers. I look forward to learning from all of my fellow forum brothers and sisters! Thank all of you in advance!! Favorite game: Elder Scrolls Favorite OS: Linux Distros Favorite console: Modified Handheld Systems. From a modded PSP to handmade gaming systems. Ex. retro-pi's but with my own twist. And of course making pocket sized terminals. Nationality: US Accent: East Coast Sex: Male Race: White American Height: 6'1" Status: Married Build: If only! Favourite band: Music is a passion of mine. I don't really have a favorite band, however I love Blues, Rock, Metal, Classical, Bachata, and the list goes on and on. Favourite book: The Divine Comedy Favourite author: Poe Favourite movie: Interview With a Vampire Favourite director: Where do I begin?? Favourite TV Shows: Rick and Morty, Supernatural, Arrow Favourite actor: Anthony Hopkins Other hobbies: Revamping old pcs, building open source projects on handmade-handhelds, i.e. remote terminals. Car: Uber/Lyft Occupation: Systems Administrator for LSP.
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