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  1. Thanks alot , yes is my first experience with BB . The output on the text file is correct, the laZagne.exe is in tools and have the right name as is in the script.. It creates the folder in loot , but nothing into... I tried as you suggested less difficult scripts and tested, some are working on win7 and not works on win 10 then i found some troubles with UAC, for sure i need to go ahead with less excitation and more attention on programming ... even if i have some programming skill i admit i barely know what i'm doing ?. Thanks for your reply!
  2. Hello all! I would your help to solve an issue , nothing in loot folder. i already see mentioned into many posts but really got no a solution from here. Hands on a a Fresh NEW Bash Bunny with an outdated firmware ,windows 7 Ultimate x64 Pc. Keyboard settings are US for win7, and from factory in BB. If i open config.txt i read just: #!/bin/bash #This configuration file is used to set default variables DUCKY_LANG us Go ahead Updated the firmware, downloading the updater here https://bashbunny.com/setup , the payloads library and all will be updated too
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