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    Language ch-fr

    Hello! Here one modified file Ch_FR (For Apple) cf.json
  2. Tnx syrah for your help! I'v continue your work and modified other keys... Here Apple Layouts for Swiss_French Keyboard, correct and add some keys. This file make bunny usable on Apple without invert all keys... { "__comment":"Layout Suisse Romand (ch-FR_mac) Apple", "__comment":"Tab layouts are modified from original", "__comment":"All numbers here are in hex format and 0x is ignored.", "__comment":" ", "__comment":"This list is in ascending order of 3rd byte (HID Usage ID).", "__comment":" See section 10 Keyboard/Keypad Page (0x07)", "__comment":" of document USB HID Usage Tables Version 1.12.", "__comment":" ", "__comment":"Definition of these 3 bytes can be found", "__comment":" in section B.1 Protocol 1 (Keyboard)", "__comment":" of document Device Class Definition for HID Version 1.11", "__comment":" - byte 1: Modifier keys", "__comment":" - byte 2: Reserved", "__comment":" - byte 3: Keycode 1", "__comment":" ", "__comment":"Both documents can be obtained from link here", "__comment":" http://www.usb.org/developers/hidpage/", "__comment":" ", "__comment":"A = LeftShift + a, { = LeftShift + [", "__comment":" ", "a":"00,00,04", "b":"00,00,05", "c":"00,00,06", "d":"00,00,07", "e":"00,00,08", "f":"00,00,09", "g":"00,00,0a", "h":"00,00,0b", "i":"00,00,0c", "j":"00,00,0d", "k":"00,00,0e", "l":"00,00,0f", "m":"00,00,10", "n":"00,00,11", "o":"00,00,12", "p":"00,00,13", "q":"00,00,14", "r":"00,00,15", "s":"00,00,16", "t":"00,00,17", "u":"00,00,18", "v":"00,00,19", "w":"00,00,1a", "x":"00,00,1b", "z":"00,00,1c", "y":"00,00,1d", "1":"00,00,1e", "2":"00,00,1f", "3":"00,00,20", "4":"00,00,21", "5":"00,00,22", "6":"00,00,23", "7":"00,00,24", "8":"00,00,25", "9":"00,00,26", "0":"00,00,27", "ENTER":"00,00,28", "ESC":"00,00,29", "ESCAPE":"00,00,29", "TAB":"00,00,2b", " ":"00,00,2c", "SPACE":"00,00,2c", "'":"00,00,2d", "^":"00,00,2e", "$":"00,00,31", "£":"02,00,31", "€":"04,00,08", ",":"00,00,36", ".":"00,00,37", "-":"00,00,38", "CAPSLOCK":"00,00,39", "F1":"00,00,3a", "F2":"00,00,3b", "F3":"00,00,3c", "F4":"00,00,3d", "F5":"00,00,3e", "F6":"00,00,3f", "F7":"00,00,40", "F8":"00,00,41", "F9":"00,00,42", "F10":"00,00,43", "F11":"00,00,44", "F12":"00,00,45", "PRINTSCREEN":"00,00,46", "SCROLLLOCK":"00,00,47", "BREAK":"00,00,48", "PAUSE":"00,00,48", "INSERT":"00,00,49", "HOME":"00,00,4a", "PAGEUP":"00,00,4b", "DEL":"00,00,4c", "DELETE":"00,00,4c", "END":"00,00,4d", "PAGEDOWN":"00,00,4e", "RIGHT":"00,00,4f", "RIGHTARROW":"00,00,4f", "LEFT":"00,00,50", "LEFTARROW":"00,00,50", "DOWN":"00,00,51", "DOWNARROW":"00,00,51", "UP":"00,00,52", "UPARROW":"00,00,52", "<":"00,00,35", "APP":"00,00,65", "MENU":"00,00,65", "ALT-TAB":"00,00,71", "CONTROL":"01,00,00", "CTRL":"01,00,00", "SHIFT":"02,00,00", "A":"02,00,04", "B":"02,00,05", "C":"02,00,06", "D":"02,00,07", "E":"02,00,08", "F":"02,00,09", "G":"02,00,0a", "H":"02,00,0b", "I":"02,00,0c", "J":"02,00,0d", "K":"02,00,0e", "L":"02,00,0f", "M":"02,00,10", "N":"02,00,11", "O":"02,00,12", "P":"02,00,13", "Q":"02,00,14", "R":"02,00,15", "S":"02,00,16", "T":"02,00,17", "U":"02,00,18", "V":"02,00,19", "W":"02,00,1a", "X":"02,00,1b", "Z":"02,00,1c", "Y":"02,00,1d", "+":"02,00,1e", "\"":"02,00,1f", "*":"02,00,20", "%":"02,00,22", "&":"02,00,23", "/":"02,00,24", "(":"02,00,25", ")":"02,00,26", "=":"02,00,27", "?":"02,00,2d", "`":"02,00,2e", "!":"02,00,30", ";":"02,00,36", ":":"02,00,37", "_":"02,00,38", ">":"02,00,35", "§":"00,00,64", "°":"02,00,64", "CTRL-SHIFT":"03,00,00", "ALT":"04,00,00", "CTRL-ALT":"05,00,00", "ALT-SHIFT":"06,00,00", "COMMAND":"08,00,00", "GUI":"08,00,00", "WINDOWS":"08,00,00", "COMMAND-OPTION":"12,00,00", "@":"40,00,0a", "#":"04,00,20", "|":"04,00,24", "~":"04,00,11", "[":"04,00,22", "]":"04,00,23", "}":"04,00,26", "{":"04,00,25", "\\":"06,00,24", "COMMAND-CTRL-SHIFT":"40,00,64", "COMMAND-CTRL":"40,00,64", "COMMAND-OPTION-SHIFT'":"40,00,64" } I'v write a small script to verify layouts... Not all keys are on script but the most important. (every key respond like in the terminal are not in this test file) #!/bin/bash # # Title: Apple Layouts Bunny Tester # Author: Sun-Beach # Version: 0.1 # # Test Bashbunny Layouts and vid-pid # Setup correct VID PID for your keyboard # On Apple we found correct VID PID on System profiler --> USB --> Keyboard # # Some keys are not on this test file, add it yourself if you need.. # # Amber...............Starting and Setup # Blue................Executing payload Get textedit and open new file # Yellow Blink........Executing payload test layouts # Green...............Finished # #Led Rule SETUP # Gimme a Keyboard please. Thanks. # Modify here your VID PID if nedded ATTACKMODE HID VID_0X05AC PID_0x0252 LED B # Get spotlight QUACK DELAY 500 QUACK GUI SPACE QUACK DELAY 700 # find and Open Textedit QUACK STRING textedit QUACK DELAY 300 QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 3000 # Open new file QUACK GUI n QUACK DELAY 1000 LEB Y SLOW # Testing special keys.. #QUACK STRING key_nubber / Name / key #QUACK KEYCODE hexCode QUACK STRING 1 alpha a QUACK KEYCODE 00,00,04 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 2 quebek q QUACK KEYCODE 00,00,14 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 3 whiskey w QUACK KEYCODE 00,00,1a QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 4 xenon x QUACK KEYCODE 00,00,1b QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 6 youpiii y QUACK KEYCODE 00,00,1d QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 5 zebra z QUACK KEYCODE 00,00,1c QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 7 circonflex ^ QUACK KEYCODE 00,00,2e QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 8 dollars $ QUACK KEYCODE 00,00,31 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 9 virga , QUACK KEYCODE 00,00,36 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 10 dot . QUACK KEYCODE 00,00,37 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 11 score - QUACK KEYCODE 00,00,38 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 12 plus + QUACK KEYCODE 02,00,1e QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 13 percent % QUACK KEYCODE 02,00,22 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 14 slash / QUACK KEYCODE 02,00,24 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 15 egal = QUACK KEYCODE 02,00,27 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 16 quetion ? QUACK KEYCODE 02,00,2d QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 17 exclam ! QUACK KEYCODE 02,00,30 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 18 doubbledot : QUACK KEYCODE 02,00,37 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 19 underscore _ QUACK KEYCODE 02,00,38 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 20 at @ QUACK KEYCODE 40,00,0a QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 21 dieze #21 QUACK KEYCODE 04,00,20 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 22 pipe |22 QUACK KEYCODE 04,00,24 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 23 user ~ QUACK KEYCODE 04,00,11 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 24 open [ QUACK KEYCODE 04,00,22 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING 25 close ] QUACK KEYCODE 04,00,23 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING } specialclose 26 QUACK KEYCODE 04,00,26 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING { specialopen 27 QUACK KEYCODE 04,00,25 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING < chevronopen 28 QUACK KEYCODE 00,00,35 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING > chevronclose 29 QUACK KEYCODE 02,00,35 QUACK ENTER QUACK STRING \ Backslash 30 QUACK KEYCODE 02,00,35 QUACK ENTER LEB G
  3. I'm find code here (page 56) --> https://www.usb.org/sites/default/files/documents/hut1_12v2.pdf 64 Keyboard Non-us / and | 3 3 Typical language mappings: Belg:<\> FrCa:«°» Dan:<\> Dutch:]|[ Fren:<> Ger:<|> Ital:<> LatAm:<> Nor:<> Span:<> Swed:<|> Swiss:<\> UK:\| Brazil: \|. Code correspond in ch.json file...🤓 Problem persiste on Macbook Pro, for @ <> and many other special key.🤬 I'v make small script to test different PID, dosent change the problem.🥶 I'm do my test on MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012) VID_0X05AC PID_0X0252 Somebody have Apple keyboard Layouts for bash-bunny? Or any other bashbunny language setup for apple keyboard?🙏 Tnx to all! -------------------------------------------------------- Here Correction for USB Rubber Ducky ch_FR-MAC.properties --> for USB Rubber DUCKY correct misconfiguration for apple Ch_fr (Suisse-Romand) keyboard (<> @ )
  4. Hello! I'v test USB-Rubber ducky on apple macbook, i'v found one layout problem for < and > key. I'v modified ch.properties file to fix it (Work for FR.properties file to): For bash-bunny i'v exactly same problem, i'v found key on ch.json. But i'm not able to fond correct code to modify this key... "<":"00,00,64", --> correspond to § and must be < ">":"02,00,64", --> correspond to ° and must be > Did you know how to find the correct code for this Keyboard? I'v try to change some PID but thats change nothing for this key, i'm think it's ch.json file.. Tnx veary mutch!
  5. hello! On many apple keyboard we use ALT + G --> @ (fr and CH_fr apple layouts) ASCII_40 = KEY_G, MODIFIERKEY_RIGHT_ALT // 64 @ or ASCII_40 = KEY_G, MODIFIERKEY_LEFT_ALT // 64 @
  6. Hello to all! I am new to the forum, I live in Switzerland and I am in school. First days with the Pineapple terta, great device! I'v got just small problem with the "OUI" database. After downloads, Logo does not stop flashing and nothing more happens. Tested with Firefox, Safari and Crome on Mac Os X, Kali, and Raspian(Jessy). Do I forget something? Any possibility to fix? Is there a possibility to put the data in the device instead of the browser? Excuse me for my bad english
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