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  1. hello! On many apple keyboard we use ALT + G --> @ (fr and CH_fr apple layouts) ASCII_40 = KEY_G, MODIFIERKEY_RIGHT_ALT // 64 @ or ASCII_40 = KEY_G, MODIFIERKEY_LEFT_ALT // 64 @
  2. Hello to all! I am new to the forum, I live in Switzerland and I am in school. First days with the Pineapple terta, great device! I'v got just small problem with the "OUI" database. After downloads, Logo does not stop flashing and nothing more happens. Tested with Firefox, Safari and Crome on Mac Os X, Kali, and Raspian(Jessy). Do I forget something? Any possibility to fix? Is there a possibility to put the data in the device instead of the browser? Excuse me for my bad english
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