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  1. OK, so I have a bit more progress- after looking at pcap on my client and the PS, it looks like PS is not passing the 802.1X (Protocol EAPOL) from my client to the switch. I usually don't swim in the deep end with networking stuff, so forgive me if this seems to be a 'no duh' thing. I'm going to some more double packet capture later today, to see if I can find anything else that's not getting passed or behaving unexpectedly. If I notice enough of a trend, I'll bring this to Sebkinne's attention (I don't want to claim there's a bug if it's just me being a dope.)
  2. The other need for the MAC clone is that I have my switches set to shut down the port if it gets two MACs at once (such as if a switch is installed.) I tried doing the code below, but it just keeps blinking the white LED, waiting for me to plug "into the wall" instead of switching to transparent mode after cloning the mac. NETMODE CLONE SLEEP 10 NETMODE TRANSPARENT
  3. I've tried transparent, but it keeps not getting past RADIUS. I also need it to clone the target PC's MAC address- do you know if it's possible to do something like: NETMODE TRANSPARENT CLONE or would it be the other way around?
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to do some internal sysadmin debugging stuff on a few machines, but since we have RADIUS turned on, it's locking the port out. Is there a way to enable the spoofed MAC address for the 'external' port on the PS, but then when I do hook that port up, all traffic from the network gets blindly passed to the machine in question? In my mind PS should be able to blindly pass packets to the machine behind it so that box can do the RADIUS auth, instead of the PS trying to negotiate an IP from the network. Does anyone know how the config would be written for this?
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