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  1. mrben

    selling pineapple / nano

    hi yes i still have it.....send a number to my personal email i'll call you..mr weirton@aol.com
  2. mrben

    wifi pineapple

    selling my wifi pineapple ....includes everything that came in the box....includes 2 extra antennas...$80 plus shipping...
  3. mrben

    selling pineapple / nano

  4. mrben

    selling pineapple / nano

    hi, 80 plus shipping its yours...if your ok with this send me your number i'll call you
  5. mrben

    selling pineapple / nano

    selling a pineapple / nano everything included that came in the box with 2 extra antennas...$80.00
  6. mrben


  7. mrben


    for sale, wifi pineapple / nano for sale...includes box, cable, 2 set's of antenna's, carrying case , & battery adapter ....$80.. plus shipping...
  8. mrben

    wifi pineapple nano

    hi, i recently bought a wifi pine apple nano....i like to sell it , because i can not figure out how to use it....it has the battery , case all the cables, and antenna ..i'll sell it for 60 plus shipping...