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  1. What I meant, was I haven't seen Shannon and Darren do any shows together for a while.
  2. I've been noticing the last shows, that Shannon just have disappeared. What have happen?
  3. xiou

    Bashbunny readonly

    I am able to connect to the BB trough putty and serial-connection. So you suggest I should try to downgrade to 1.2 and mount udisk for refomatting?
  4. I desided find my Bashbunny today and to update it to firmware 1.5 and find some nice scripts I could test on it. I tried the Password Grabber. After I run the PasswordGrabber on the Bashbunny and checked the lootfolder, I noticed it was alot of strange content in it. Alot of folders and other files that I could not open. Check attatched screen. After wondering about it, I was gonna check the size of it, and it says 56TB ? I am not able to delete the lootfolder from either windows or linux by rm -rv. I just get an errormessage that it's readonly and I don't have permissions to do that! Strange I have tried this: Remove the lootfolder Move the lootfolder to another folder, then delete (that's what I've doing on the screenshoots attatched to this post) Do a factoryreset on the bashbunny upto several time. (Unplug three times on green blink) Even upgraded by the bashbunny upgradetool and manually by downloading the .tar file and copy it into the root of the bashbynny Do any of you have any ideas how I can recover my bashbunny and hopefully bring it back to life?
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